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When Mae West Went To Jail For ‘Sex’ (Nov, 1959)

The Adam & Eve sketch from 1937 may be heard here.

When Mae West Went To Jail For ‘Sex’

The Come Up ‘n See Me Sometime girl turned a bare cell into a $1 million publicity sell.


MAE WEST, THE GREATEST teasetress of them all—the naughty-hipped seductress who turned bluenoses red with the line “C’m up’n see me sometime,” and who made the public believe, “I can do more with my voice and eyes than another woman can do turning herself inside out”—failed to bewitch the authorities only once.

She landed in the cooler which she promptly turned into a gilded cage.

Art Or Filth? – The Prose And Cons Of Lady Chatterley (Nov, 1959)

Art Or Filth? – The Prose And Cons Of Lady Chatterley

The book that shocked the world was banned for 31 years. Should the ban continue?


“WHEN IS A “dirty word” not “dirty?”

We’re talking about those four-letter words which you may find written on the walls of the gents’ room in a waterfront saloon. When they’re written there—and taking into consideration the way they describe various sex acts—most people would agree that they’re “dirty.

But what happens when those same words are used to describe in detail the same sex acts in an obviously serious novel by an obviously serious and important writer?

FROM THE EDITOR’S Scrapbook (Sep, 1965)


SELF-CASTRATION. An interesting case was presented recently of a 29-year-old male who had attempted to amputate his penis. The year before he had castrated himself by removing his testes. A most unusual aspect of the case was the fact that, for six years prior to his attempt, he had had alternate periods of bodily feminization and remasculinization.

During the periods of feminization, he reported, his breasts became protuberant, his voice became higher, he did not have to shave and fat distribution became markedly feminine. When examined by a gland specialist, he was found to be a normal male; the changes he reported could not be verified.