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Glass Case Protects Baby from Poison Gas (Aug, 1938)

Sucks to be the other baby in the open crib.

Glass Case Protects Baby from Poison Gas
Masked nurses clad in gasproof rubber garments are testing out the latest invention of war-fearing Europe. It is a portable glass case in which babies can be thrust at the alarm of a gas attack and carried to a zone of safety.


This doesn’t sound like a very safe idea…


Tempting death daily is the lot of a few daring men in a London laboratory, where a steel-walled chamber containing an appreciable quantity of real poison gas is reported in use to test the air-purifying canisters of military gas masks. Masked experimenters sit outside the deadly chamber, and breathe through hoses that terminate in the canisters within. A white-coated physician stands near to render first aid, in case the poison-absorbing chemicals should fail to function. Only in this way can new types of equipment be tested.

Invading Sailors in Gas Masks Carry Radio Transmitter (Dec, 1936)

Invading Sailors in Gas Masks Carry Radio Transmitter
Playing at “war” on the English coast, a landing party of sailors representing the invading enemy donned gas masks and went ashore at Studland Beach near Swanage, to be met by a small defending party of British soldiers. The sailors carried a portable radio transmitter with a self-contained receiver to maintain communications with their supporting navy.

Zipper Gas Mask Made for Babies (May, 1934)

Zipper Gas Mask Made for Babies
A SPECIAL handbag for carrying babies furnishes protection in case of a wartime gas attack. An oxygen tank begins to function as soon as the zipper cover is closed, supplying air to the baby.

Gas! (Apr, 1946)


America was ready to give and take if the Axis had turned loose with the most inhumane of all modern weapons!

LOOK carefully at the pictures on these pages—if you’ve been wondering what we would have done in case the Axis powers had introduced deadly chemicals in the recent war.

It seems fantastic, weird and remote, now that the shooting is over. But here are the brutal facts, revealed for the first time by the Army’s Chemical Warfare Service. It was alert and ready to retaliate in heaping measure had our enemies used gas. Although the U. S. is not a party to any treaty or other agreement not to use gas, we have long been committed to the policy that we would not resort to this horrible weapon unless it was first employed by our foes. The fact that our troops were fully prepared for offensive and defensive gas warfare undoubtedly stopped the Axis from challenging us on this score.

Civilian Designs Simple Gas Mask (Mar, 1940)

This is insane. I don’t trust myself to make an improvised shelf, let alone a gas mask. Plus, a gas mask that requires you to hold your nose while breathing does not exactly inspire confidence.

Civilian Designs Simple Gas Mask
With the threat of gas raids hanging” over more and more cities in Europe, the demand for gas masks in many communities far exceeds the supply. To provide some sort of gas protection in case of an emergency, an ingenious Scandinavian inventor has designed the improvised mask shown at the left. It consists simply of a hollow wooden tube and a cloth bag filled with chemicals. Air purified by the chemicals is sucked into the mouth through the tube, while the nose is held shut with the thumb and forefinger of the hand holding the mask.

Air-Raid Vault Uses Chain of Gas Masks (Aug, 1939)

Air-Raid Vault Uses Chain of Gas Masks

Like smokers grouped around a Turkish bubble pipe, users of a new French air-raid shelter inhale from a common source. Tubes connect their masks with a single pipe leading from a battery of oxygen cylinders, as shown above. Thus they are constantly assured of pure air to breathe, without recourse to poison-absorbing canisters that hinder free respiration; and elaborate gasproofing precautions may be dispensed with.


Gee, what a great toy, no way it could be dangerous, right?



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Gas Mask Designed for Typists (May, 1935)

I, for one, sleep soundly at night knowing that should we be attacked with chemical weapons, our brave typists will still be able to do their duty to their country.

Gas Mask Designed for Typists
ANEW type of gas mask, which slips over the head of an office typist in the event of an air attack, has just been developed in Rome, Italy. The face of the mask is transparent so that the typist can see what she is doing.

Paris Balloon-Homes Are Gas-Proof (Aug, 1935)

Paris Balloon-Homes Are Gas-Proof
REASONING that if balloon silk can hold gases, it can likewise keep gases out, Parisians are building balloon houses—-grim shoe-like affairs which provide safety from much-feared gas attacks.
Entire families will find refuge in each of the inflated structures. Fresh air would be pumped in through a filter which neutralizes poisonous gases, just as do filters on gas masks. Frames of wire hold the balloon silk in position when the air pump is not operating.