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I’m not sure what’s scarier, the picture of children in gas masks, or the horse wearing one.
And I love that they insist that being exposed to mustard gas is really no worse then getting a bad sun burn.


ENGLAND is manufacturing 30,000,000 gas masks for civilians at the rate of 250,000 per week. By the end of the year they will be stored at convenient centers available for instant use. Italy has decreed that every new house constructed must have a concrete anti-gas shelter in the basement in accordance with government specifications. Masks are sold in Rome on the installment plan.

French drug stores sell masks. Russia has devised special models for children and conducts gas as well as fire drills in schools. Germany and every other European country have provided masks and fume-proof shelters for civilians operating electric power plants and other vital services. A Czech manufacturer is marketing a mask with a telephone and microphone attachment for the conduct of business as usual in spite of gas.

Gas Mask for Baby (Jun, 1939)

Devise Gas Mask for Baby

Designed for children under two years of age, the gas mask shown at right was developed by the British Government as part of its precautions against air raids. The helmet is slipped over the infant’s head and shoulders and strapped firmly around its chest so that the headpiece is sealed from the air. A small bellows, operated by the mothers hand as shown, supplies air to the helmet. The air is chemically purified of all poisonous gases before reaching the child.

Zipper Gas Mask Made for Babies (May, 1934)

Zipper Gas Mask Made for Babies
A special handbag for carrying babies furnishes protection in case of a war-time gas attack. An oxygen tank begins to function as soon as the zipper cover is closed, supplying air to the baby.