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Tube and Tears (Apr, 1946)

Alrighty then.

Tube and Tears combine to produce this picture of progress and sorrow. The tube is the world’s most powerful radio tube, designed primarily for broadcasts directed toward specific points, so-called “beam transmissions.” Tears are supplied by 3-year-old Barry Greenwood, whose father is shop steward at the Federal Telephone and Radio plant, Clifton, N. J., where the tube was manufactured.

Voting Machine for Young Citizens (Oct, 1952)

Voting Machine for Young Citizens

YOU can teach your children to be good citizens with this voting machine scaled down to neighborhood size. Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions clubs, youth organizations or junior groups can run a mock election to prepare for adult citizenship—and the clubs can use the machine for real elections of their own officers and leaders.

“No! No! Baby Mustn’t Touch!” (Oct, 1921)

“No! No! Baby Mustn’t Touch!”

These are not “before and after” pictures. They are all “before” pictures. It would be too horrible to show, in accompanying photographs, the irreparable harm that might result from these preventable situations. What, for instance, is there to keep the child at the left from falling on the pencil it is chewing?

OK Skinnay! Lookut Our Rolley Coaster (Oct, 1921)

Oh Skinnay! (The Days of Real Sport)” was a 1913 graphic novel about a child’s antics. Current uses of the word “Skinnay” are distinctly less savory.

OK Skinnay! Lookut Our Rolley Coaster

IT’S a far cry from the Bronx to Coney Island. Besides, Coney Island costs money. The children in the neighborhood of Crotona Park, New York City, therefore, have made a scenic railway all their own. It is better, they think, than all the Coney Island rides put together, and they have had the fun of making it as well as riding on it.

BIKE for TWO (May, 1950)


A comfortable tandem seat convenient for small “back seat drivers” can be attached to the luggage rack of your bicycle. The seat, which will be welcomed by every kid you know, is made of three layers. The first, which rests directly on the rack, is a piece of 1/4 in. felt padding.

Small Fry’s Play Stools (May, 1950)

Small Fry’s Play Stools

PLAY stools will keep children off drafty floors and are practical additions to any nursery. Here are two novel, colorful and sturdy units anyone can build.

The main parts must first be enlarged by laying out the contours on paper which has been ruled into 1 in. squares. The drawings are then transferred to wood 3/4 in. thick and the pieces cut out with a jigsaw.

What newspaper are your children reading? (Feb, 1935)

Just another example of the lame stream liberal media trying to indoctrinate kids, just like college.

What newspaper are your children reading?

• Does it do its best to present the whole truth?
• Does it give both sides of disputed questions?
• Does it have convictions—and is it fair to those who disagree?
• Does it show the world as it is, without distortion?
• Does it winnow out the chaff from the wheat in the day’s news?
• Is it exciting without being sensational?

Laundry Service for Dolls (Jul, 1939)

Laundry Service for Dolls
Little girls in New York City who are too busy raising a family of dolls to think of washing all their dolls’ clothes can now send them out. A commercial laundry furnishes a tiny laundry bag and a special doll laundry slip for the child to list doll clothes sent out and check them when they are returned along with the family wash.

“Look! Real SMOKE! Real Railroad Whistle!” (Nov, 1947)

“Look! Real SMOKE! Real Railroad Whistle!”

Hey, fellows!-don’t miss the LIONEL catalog and Sound Effects Record

Sure!— you’re going to build a model pike of your own! Sure! you’re going to have LIONEL locos and rolling stock, because ONLY LIONEL gives you power plus realism! Only LIONEL locos puff real smoke with action of driving rods) Only LIONEL Locos have built-in real R.R. whistle! And to build a real pike get the LIONEL

Junior at the Wheel (Jan, 1948)

Junior at the Wheel
Many a parent has wished for something to keep Junior occupied during long drives. With this toy steering wheel, daddy can concentrate on the road ahead while young “hopeful makes believe he too is driving. Made of hard rubber, the mock wheel is attached to the dashboard by a suction cup. It even has a horn that works.