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Kiddies Taught Traffic Laws (Feb, 1938)

Kiddies Taught Traffic Laws
A MINIATURE roadway complete with signs, stop-and-go lights, crossings and safety zones is being used to teach pedestrian and auto traffic regulations to school children in Brentwood, England. The lessons are made interesting for the tots by letting them drive miniature autos over the “highway,” impersonate policemen, etc.

Tots protected by plastic cocoon (Feb, 1968)

Tots protected by plastic cocoon

For $19.95 you now can buy an item called a Tot-Guard to protect your moppets from injury in case your car has a collision. Developed by Ford Motor, it consists of a hollow-molded shield and three-inch-high cushion of polyethylene. A removable foam pad fits inside the shield to take impacts. Engineers have crash-tested it for safety.

Safety Belt Makes Chair Safe Seat for Child (Apr, 1942)

Is this a safety device or an instrument of torture? It seems pretty cruel to strap the kid into a chair so that when his toy falls on the ground, which it undoubtedly will, it rests just out of reach. Also, I’m sure that if he tries hard enough the boy could find a way to strangle himself.

Safety Belt Makes Chair Safe Seat for Child

IF it weren’t for the safety belt holding him to the chair, Jimmie, here, would probably take a spill in his efforts to reach that toy horse. Then some one would have to pick him up and put him back. It could go on for hours. But all this can be eliminated by use of a recently patented safety strap which fits over his shoulders and around his waist like a double Sam Browne belt. The ends are securely attached to the chair legs. The strap allows him plenty of movement, yet prevents him from toppling.

Junior at the Wheel (Jan, 1948)

Junior at the Wheel
Many a parent has wished for something to keep Junior occupied during long drives. With this toy steering wheel, daddy can concentrate on the road ahead while young “hopeful makes believe he too is driving. Made of hard rubber, the mock wheel is attached to the dashboard by a suction cup. It even has a horn that works.


WORLDS YOUNGEST HAM is eight-year-old Elizabeth Deck, San Bruno, Cal., who has her novice license, call letters ENGMTQ.

Movies Lure Youngsters to the Dentist (Jun, 1939)

Movies Lure Youngsters to the Dentist
Instead of staring at the wall and wondering how soon the ordeal will be over, young patients of Dr. Harry Spiro, Chicago, Ill., dentist, can concentrate their attention on moving pictures that flash in front of them, while the dentist works on their teeth. Designed to make the dentist’s office a more popular place with youngsters, the apparatus is housed in a cabinet placed directly in front of the dental chair. Film cartoons and short features are thrown onto the screen by a small electric projector.

Hang your kids out the window (Aug, 1953)

This is completely insane.

Apartment-Window Cage Protects English Tots
Enclosed in a wire cage suspended from an apartment window, English children play in the sunlight and fresh air while their mothers are busy with housework. The cage, made of wire netting is strongly braced and is guarded on the apartment side by a cloth net which prevents children from crawling back into the room. Loaned by an infant welfare center to families with no gardens, the portable balcony is apparently popular with children and mothers. The demand exceeds the supply.