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NEW for CHRISTMAS (Dec, 1952)



PLASTIC SHADES of Vinylite adhere directly to glass without adhesive, can be peeled oil easily. Transeal, North Ave., Plainfield, N. J.

REFRIGARRANGERS are light, durable easy-to-clean containers of Bakelite styrene for leftover foods. Valley Forge Creations. Malvern. Pa.

PANCAKE TURNER-GREASER carries a replaceable absorbent pad to grease the pan. Without pad, holes drain grease. Paul Laux. Shavertown. Pa.

STORM WINDOWS of plastic can be used on homes, farmbuildings. withstand all weather. Easy to install. Central States Bag Co., St. Louis, Mo.

Money Making Toys For Christmas (Jan, 1934)

Money Making Toys For Christmas


How to Make Money from These Plans OF four items illustrated here, only the “Human Roulette Wheel” requires much work. Three are well fitted for profitable sales, the roulette wheel and the illusion box most so. The track circuit for toy trains is an ideal window display. Sell your services to local toy stores, offering to arrange for them an automatic display which is mysterious and attracts attention. The light twinkler makes an excellent display, but is best for home use.

This Christmas give him three great gifts for the price of a Playboy Club key. (Oct, 1967)

This Christmas give him three great gifts for the price of a Playboy Club key.

Clip the coupon above and come Christmas day, here’s what each VIP on your gift list will receive:

1. His personal Playboy Club key-card. The coveted symbol of the good life will admit him to Clubs* across the U.S., in Jamaica, London and Montreal —18 Clubs in all.

207 Talk Across Ocean on Xmas (Mar, 1931)

I’m pretty sure that there is enough bandwidth out there now that every single person on earth could be on the phone at the same time. Though, there’d probably be some seriously over saturated lines in more remote locales.

Incidentally, those calls cost roughly $119 a minute in 2009 dollars.

207 Talk Across Ocean on Xmas

CHRISTMAS traffic on the overseas telephone circuits of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company this year eclipsed all previous records. Throughout the day a total of 207 messages was handled, and the connections established involved Europe, South America, Australia, and the “S. S. Belgeland” off the west coast of Central America.

Practically all of the traffic was of a social or personal nature, involving interchange of holiday greetings. The average length of the conversations was five minutes, at a rate of $30 for the first three minutes.

Give Her a Hoover (Dec, 1937)

Nothing says “I love you” more than a vacuum. Well except maybe a festive plunger or toilet brush.

Though, holy crap those are expensive! In 2010 dollars the middle one would cost about $1,200. Nowadays that would get you a Dyson that rides on top of a herd of Roombas.

Give Her a Hoover
and you give her the best

Nearly 700,000 husbands have given the Hoover for Christmas

It’s the all ’round gift for all the year ’round, to make cleaning easier for every woman who owns it.

This Christmas there’s a Hoover Cleaning Ensemble for every house and house wife. It’s the new idea—rug and furniture cleaner in one ensemble. Saves her strength —easier to use —made with magnesium, one-third lighter than aluminum. Saves her time—converts instantly from rug to furniture cleaner.

Imagine! Your Christmas Greeting Inside a Chinese Fortune Cooky! (Oct, 1962)


Imagine! Your Christmas Greeting Inside a Chinese Fortune Cooky!

Your Friends will be Amazed and Delighted When They Open this Gay Attractive Package And See Your Personalized Greeting

Think of it! Just picture this scene, taking place in each of your friends’ homes!

Approximately one or two weeks before Christmas this year, your friends’ doorbell rings! There, in the hands of their postman, along with the usual run of ordinary Christmas cards, is something completely different — a small, cardboard Christmas container, with their name and address on the front, but with no other identification!

a PEEK in Santa’s PACK! (Jul, 1947)

a PEEK in Santa’s PACK!

Here are some off the more spectacular mechanical toys Junior will find under the Christmas tree this winter.

THOUSANDS upon thousands of toys, many of them novel and spectacular, were recently pre-viewed by the nation’s toy dealers at the 1947 American Toy Fair, held in New York. So productive was the first full year of peace-time toy engineering that the manufacturers’ and jobbers’ wares had to be distributed among two large hotels and several office buildings.



As becomes the world’s largest store, it is prodigious, furious and for cash only In the last four weeks before Christmas, R. H. Macy of New York, the world’s largest store, goes through a kind of retailing blitz. On the day after its Thanksgiving parade (opposite page), which initiates New York’s Christmas season, an augmented staff of more than 14,000 sets furiously to work to sell everything in sight to an average 250,000 daily customers.

Macy’s is not merely the physically biggest store in the world, selling the greatest variety of items (400,000); it is also the world’s largest drugstore, bookstore, furniture store, liquor store, fabric and china store, for its departments handling these items all under one roof are bigger than any other store specializing in them.

Toys Keep Pace With Children’s Tastes (Jan, 1931)

Toys Keep Pace With Children’s Tastes

A YOUNG father of a two-year-old youngster, noticing the eagerness of his offspring to lay hands on something with wheels on it in which he could move about, sat down one evening in his basement workshop and knocked together that simple mechanism of juvenile locomotion known to millions as the kiddie-kar. Observing the popularity of the toy with children of the neighborhood, the father concluded that it would be a good idea to manufacture the cars on a commercial scale.

He was right. It was a good idea—good enough to set him on the path to financial independence. Today his invention is produced by the thousands, and this Christmas Santa Claus will slide down an unguessable number of chimneys on a kiddie-kar.

For Men Only (Dec, 1951)

For Men Only

12 Big Issues of Mechanix Illustrated


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