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Five Noted Thinkers Explore the Future (Jul, 1976)

This is a particularly interesting to me because it was published in the month I was born.

In a lot of ways these people were exactly right about the problems of today, if not the will or ability of people to make the needed changes. Wealth inequality is getting worse, not better. There is a nascent back-to-the-cities movement, but suburbs, which are so environmentally wasteful, are still occupying ever larger swathes of the country. And people, or at least people in power still don’t care about reducing energy consumption.

We haven’t had the energy crunch they predicted yet, but climate change requires almost the same types of societal changes to combat and we just haven’t seen it.

Asimov nails the “global village” (internet) and instant communication with anyone at any time. Though for all my hyper-localized social media, I still don’t know the names of any of the people on my floor let alone the rest of my building.

I really liked Buckminster Fuller’s quote: “We have typewriters sleeping with the good plumbing and we have people sleeping in the slums.”. It does point out the glaring inefficiency if huge parts of our society. Say one thing about Foxconn, they don’t have this problem. It does seem wasteful to have all of this infrastructure that just sits idle at night.

Five Noted Thinkers Explore the Future

ARE the suburbs dead? Will there be an economic resurgence of our inner cities? Will larger and larger units of government take more and more control over land use? Is mankind in general entering an era of greater affluence, of new and different attitudes toward land ownership? Is the oil crisis a blessing in disguise?

Artist’s Idea of the “City of Tomorrow” (Jun, 1934)

Artist’s Idea of the “City of Tomorrow,” Constructed of Glass in Steel Frames; a Practical Process for This Work Is Being Used in Building a New York Filling Station, Similar to the One Shown in the Foreground; the Glass Walls Lend Themselves to Unusual Lighting Effects



You’ll find the excitement of another world in the famous domain ruled by the tongs by Herbert Asbury

ON the way to Chinatown from mid-town New York, the sight-seeing bus turned into the Bowery, and the guide said: “We are now entering what I have nicknamed the ‘Street of Forgotten Men,’ the home of the famous Bowery bum. It’s late in the day, but if you’ll look close you may see a bum sleeping off last night’s drunk on the sidewalk. If you spot one call out, so we can all see.”

Chicago Is Making Her Dream of a Beautiful Metropolis Come True (Oct, 1921)

Chicago Is Making Her Dream of a Beautiful Metropolis Come True

By S.J. Duncan-Clark

REAMS come true. Today the people of Chicago are seeing them come true. A dozen years ago — save for a few men —Chicago scoffed at their possibility. Chicago is to be a city of beauty—Chicago, the lusty-limbed, giant child of the prairie, whom one of her own poets has called “Hog-butcher for the world,” is to take her place among the regal cities of civilization. This is now assured. Faith and works are rapidly converting the dream into visible and substantial form.