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Your FREE copy of this new “NATIONAL” style book offers Lowest Prices in years…! (Oct, 1930)

It’s not every day you see an ellipsis followed by an exclamation point…!

Your FREE copy of this new “NATIONAL” style book offers Lowest Prices in years…!

IF you have not yet received your copy of this season’s money-saving “NATIONAL” Style Book, send for it today without fail. In this beautiful book you will find displayed the newest styles — the favored New York and Paris fashions—at America’s Lowest Prices — low prices that have not been possible for many years.

Harem Jamas (Nov, 1959)

Because as we all know, the Near East, is renowned for sexy revealing clothing.

Harem Jamas


Here is the nite time garment inspired by the fashions of the palaces of the near East, where often hundreds of women compete to attract one man.


Just notice how the soft lace of the top caresses her bare shoulders, softly encloses to conceal yet reveal. Then watch how the harem pants fall in sheer curves and folds from the hips to the ankles, teasingly caressing the thighs with each little movement, ever revealing startling new aspects of charms. Made of nylon in sheer bewitching black or daring, fiery, filmy red. Only $6.95. Shipped In plain wrapper. State bust and waist size. Send no money. Order C.O.D. and pay postman on delivery plus postage. Save by sending payment. We pay postage.

Smoothee Co., Dept. PH-87, Lynbrook. N.Y.

Jantzen ad – any girl can be beautiful and new (Jun, 1954)

any girl can be beautiful and new

… thanks to Jantzen “shape – insurance”

“shape-insurance” is a marvelous new Jantzen figuremaking technique… the big sensation in swim suit design. It assures you continuous performance in the department of slimming, smoothing, curving and planing … moulds you a lovely bustline and holds it forever and ever via a sensational new bra interlining (technical name is ®Pellon … and only Jantzen has it). Left, “moonglow” taffeta 14.95 … center, “check date” ®Lastex-powered 19.95 … right, “side kick” Laton-powered 18.95, woven with ®Chromspun to give you forever color*. most stores.

best of all swim suits

nothing does as much for a body as a Jantzen



Let’s go adventuring and choose new clothes for fall


“LONGER? Of course they’re not wearing their skirts any longer. I Didn’t you notice my cousin Eleanor? She spends a lot of L time and money on her clothes—and her skirts weren’t longer,” says Mrs. Brown, laying down the law to Mrs. Jones. Neither lady had asked whether Cousin Eleanor was wearing her new clothes or economizing on a motor trip by using up her old wardrobe. Mrs. Jones, being suggestible, is given her first wrong steer.

New Sun Hat Doesn’t Touch Head and Is Collapsible (Feb, 1930)

New Sun Hat Doesn’t Touch Head and Is Collapsible

A LIGHT sun hat that collapses and doesn’t touch the head has been invented by Dr. Henry T. Pistole, of Dallas, Texas. The hat is made of wire covered with fabric. The hat support is attached to wearer’s body by a belt around the waist, no part touching the head. Thus a free circulation of air is assured. The hat weighs only eight to twelve ounces according to the fabric used for covering. The device doesn’t bind or irritate the skin and doesn’t interfere with free use of the muscles in any sport or work. The cover is collapsed by simply pushing it back. Mosquito netting can be easily thrown over the hat and tucked into the belt.

Combination Sports and Street Suits Made in Germany (Feb, 1930)

Combination Sports and Street Suits Made in Germany
A SUIT which is equally suitable for street wear and sports has been innovated by the tailors of Berlin, Germany. The change can be performed in a few seconds. Some Germans are partial to the one-piece sports suit and enterprising tailors schemed a one-piece suit with belt and lapels. From that step it was comparatively simple to arrange a strip-off garment to form the lower part of the coat. This coat-tail garment with pockets is buttoned on just beneath the belt to make the sports suit adequate for street wear. Various stages of the transformation are pictured at the left. A similar garb for women has been devised with knickers and skirt.

Munsingwear serves up comfort two ways (May, 1952)

“Go ahead Dave, stare at my crotch a bit. I’m going to stand here in my flip-flops and smoke a pipe.”

Munsingwear serves up comfort two ways
(which is best for you?)

1 . With the Horizontal fly brief

PATENTED COMFORT POUCH gives natural support

Horizontal fly won’t gap

Snug fit leg opening Won’t sag or stretch

Periscope Is Built into Dugout (Apr, 1940)

Periscope Is Built into Dugout

Taken “somewhere in France,” the photograph above shows a soldier attached to a Scots regiment on watch in an underground concrete shelter. Using a built-in periscope, the sentry can scan the area on all sides of the sunken dugout, and obtain a clear view of any advance of the enemy without exposing himself to the fire of snipers or enemy patrols.

Too Much Nudism Is the Bunk (Feb, 1933)

Too Much Nudism Is the Bunk

ARGUMENTS for last summer’s fad of nudism based on the theory that the absence of clothes is good for health, are exploded editorially in the New York City medical periodical, American Medicine. Reasonable exposure of the skin to air, sunlight and the water of rivers or the sea has full medical support. Old-fashioned heavy and impervious clothing was condemned long before modern ideas of nudism were thought of. The point made by the medical editors is merely that it is not necessary to expose all of the body to air or sunlight or to expose it all of the time. The authorities are skeptical also of the moral and mental benefits claimed for nudism.

Outline of Monocle in Lady’s Veil Makes Latest Fashion (Mar, 1941)

Outline of Monocle in Lady’s Veil Makes Latest Fashion

Veils having heavily rimmed peepholes at one eye are being offered as one of the latest fads for women. It produces the effect of wearing a monocle.