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1977: Bally Home Library Computer – Early E-Commerce (Sep, 1977)

“This is the story of an incredible product. So incredible that we know of no future consumer product that will have such a far-reaching technological impact on society.”

This is a ridiculously over-hyped ad for the Bally Home Library Computer, a fairly interesting if somewhat unsucsessful game console/home computer system. The $10,000 IBM 5100 computer they are constantly comparing it to was actually a full-on portable workstation with a keyboard, CRT, and tape drive that was capable of emulating an IBM mainframe. I am sure, however, that the Bally had better games.

One really interesting thing is the mention of the DIAL-A-BARGAIN® ORDERING SYSTEM:
“Our technicians have programmed JS&A’s main computer so you can use the Bally to access our computer directly when Bally’s dual tape decks become available. With a special module and cassette, you will be able to 1) call our computer on our toll-free number, 2) place an order, and 3) find out when it will be shipped. Since you communicate directly with our computer, your order is processed immediately and can be shipped within a few hours after receipt.”

I don’t know if they ever actually deployed this system, but if they did it would be an impressively early and complete eCommerce system.

Bendix electro-span (Apr, 1956)

Liquid levels monitored hundreds of miles from your central office by Bendix electro-span!

Important storage reservoirs for water, crude oil, gas, brine and other liquids are located in many remote and isolated sections of this country. It takes crews of men stationed at these points to keep a constant check of volumes and to open and close valves to balance supply and demand. The work is lonely, expensive to maintain, and sometimes dangerous.

Putting color to work in computers. (Sep, 1979)

This computer has the same display resolution as a single Mac OSX icon.

Putting color to work in computers.

Computers that present a wealth of confusing information serve only to slow the information process. At ISC. we use color graphics as a highly-effective communications medium. Why color? Research has shown that color conveys information more quickly and effectively than any other visual method. Thus, when compared to black and white a color CRT display results in faster, more accurate user response. And that means faster decisions from the ultimate processor, the human brain.


How Germanium and a Bit of Wire Changed the World

The nuts and bolts of modern electronics, transistors lie at the heart of our rockets, computers, radar, radio, TV, and a thousand other devices


The time: December, 1947. The place: Bell Telephone Laboratories at Murray Hill, N.J. The event: the invention of a new kind of electronic “valve” that can amplify signals—an invention so basic that it will virtually remold all science and technology.

Unlike the vacuum tube, it will not need a power-consuming hot filament, nor will it require a vacuum. Is it an impractical dream? Many skeptics think so.

After years of experimenting, Bell scientists, faced with repeated failures, have turned back to basic research.


Wow, this baby can hold over 120 bytes per inch!

saves 90% In storage and handling over punched cards

Remington Rand Univac Electronic Computers Now Make Available…

Reels of magnetic tape are utilized with remington rand electronic computer systems solving intricate computations for business, for industry, for science, for government. They operate at speeds that put facts at management’s fingertips with breathtaking rapidity. They give management today data which it formerly had to wait months to obtain.

Ad: Launching Tomorrow’s Satellite (Jan, 1956)

Launching Tomorrow’s Satellite
When the first man-made satellite is launched on its orbit around the earth, it will owe its existence to the thousands of missiles which have preceded it, and to the careful analysis of their patterns of flight. The Univac Scientific of Remington Rand has speeded this effort immeasurably, handling flight analyses for the nation’s guided missile program.
Each missile firing, each analysis, involves enormous amounts of in-flight data, with manual computations normally requiring from 250 to 500 hours. This staggering work load is accomplished by the Univac Scientific Electronic Computer in approximately 4 to 8 minutes.

Ad: new digital magnetic tape transport (Jan, 1956)

new digital magnetic tape transport

the AMPEX FR200 for digital handling provides new performance standards, new convenience features and an unmatched excellence of design
The time saving feature of single loop threading is provided by a lever which moves the idlers into a straight line. This arrangement eliminates chance of faulty threading by unskilled personnel.

Ad: At your fingertips… the facts of business life (Jan, 1953)

At your fingertips…
the facts of business life

EVERYBODY is better off these days because the ever-mounting flood of business paper work is meeting its master in the incredible speed and accuracy of versatile office machines.
Thej go far bevond the limits of pen and pencil work to turn out invoked analytical jobs on an up-to-the-minute basis—digging out the facts of business life.

Gauged To Perfection (Jan, 1955)

Gauged To Perfection

Perfection of the finished product requires precise control in the manufacture of jet fuel. Such control is vital in the refining of oil, as it is in most industries. And, with the coming of age of automation, the controls must not only be precise —they must also be supervised automatically.

Ad: Ultrasonic Corp. (Sep, 1952)

“These Theories on Automatic Feedback Control are Interesting…but…
When can I use them in my plant?”

The answer is: Plans can be started just as quickly as you can phone us or write us.
Here at Ultrasonic is a skilled staff already trained in diverse applications of automatic control —
. . . with many years of actual experience in using digital and analog feedback control on machine tools and process industry equipment.
If this issue of Scientific American stimulates your thinking … if it makes you want to get the benefits of an early start in this new field for your company . . . then, get in touch with us. Ultrasonic Corporation, 61 Rogers Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts.