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Computation (Jul, 1953)

Why don’t people put math poetry in ads anymore? Also, wasn’t Zero invented in India?


The Arab
who first wrote zero

the mathematic clue

nothing at all is a hero

never got his due

he sought

To share
the eternal naught.

TI Micro Electronics. (Sep, 1977)

Micro Electronics.

The basis for continuing innovation.

From the leader…

TIs 990/9900 First Family.

Most cost-effective means of using microelectronics. To improve. To change. lb innovate for today and tomorrow Tl’s 990/9900 Family Software Compatibility from Components to Boards to Systems Not quite twenty years ago, the integrated circuit was born at Texas Instruments. And sparked a pervasive revolution that’s impacting all our lives.

Associates… and your growth as an engineer (Mar, 1956)

Associates… and your growth as an engineer

Do your associates stimulate your thinking? Are your managers receptive to your original ideas? At IBM, an engineer can answer these basic questions with an unqualified “yes.”

In IBM’s modern labs, engineers sense the professional excitement that stems from a continual interchange of original ideas. Their contributions—even on projects not specifically their own—receive sympathetic hearing from men whose management positions were attained by outstanding engineering achievement.

Expand your knowledge – Subscribe to Byte (May, 1980)

Very few people remember the magazine drive.

Expand your knowledge

Subscribe to Byte

The 1980’s are here! The decade of the personal computer has arrived, and BYTE has made it happen! BYTE – ‘ the small systems journal devoted to personal computers — has helped usher in the new era. Leading the personal computer revolution, which is already transforming home and personal life, are BYTE’s 160,000 enthusiastic readers. Their enthusiasm has made BYTE the largest computer magazine in the world!

RCA 301 computer now steps up to big system workpower! (Dec, 1961)

RCA 301 computer now steps up to big system workpower!

Core memory doubled to 40,000 characters! Magnetic tape capability increased to twelve or more 66,000 character/second tape units! System rentals remain low, and you can still begin on a small scale!

Already widely accepted by business and government, the RCA 301 has been so stepped up in workpower that the running time for many jobs has been cut in half. Now it can also tackle much larger and more complex jobs, and can be greatly extended in capacity as your work load grows.

ANELEX (Dec, 1961)


Anelex High Speed Line Printers are standard equipment in the data processing systems of almost every major computer manufacturer here and abroad.

Further information available upon request

ANelex Corporation

157 Causeway Street, Boston 14, Massachusetts

“Radio Shack’s TRS-80 Computer Is the Smartest Way to Write” (Jan, 1983)

“Radio Shack’s TRS-80 Computer Is the Smartest Way to Write”

Our word processing system changed Isaac Asimov’s mind about writing-and he’s a renowned science and science fiction author! But you don’t have to be an author to use a TRS-80. If you prepare memos, letters and reports-do what Isaac did. It will change your mind, too.

“I may never use a typewriter again!” Isaac likes the time he saves using SuperSCRIPSIT™ (26-1590, $199), our newest word processing program. “For example, I can assign frequently-used words and phrases to a user-defined key. So whenever I press that

FOR THE MATHEMATICIAN who’s ahead of his time (Mar, 1956)

FOR THE MATHEMATICIAN who’s ahead of his time

IBM is looking for a special kind of mathematician, and will pay especially well for his abilities.

This man is a pioneer, an educator—with a major or graduate degree in Mathematics, Physics, or Engineering with Applied Mathematics equivalent.

You may be the man.

Engineering hours turn into minutes when you speed up your data analysis (Sep, 1952)

Engineering hours turn into minutes when you speed up your data analysis

You can do it yourself with these Telecomputing Instruments


Today you can reduce and analyze film and oscillograph data faster than ever before. Telecomputing Instruments, in conjunction with electronic computing equipment, have made this possible.

What’s New in Mnemonics? (Jun, 1955)

I thought I’d post these two ads together. Here is a Remington Rand computer ad from 1955 and below is a Remington typewriter ad from 1902.

What’s New in Mnemonics?

The news is that the magnetic-core memory has emerged from the computer laboratory and has been in customer use for approximately a year, passing all tests with flying colors. This new development has been pioneered by Remington Rand with the Univac Scientific—the first installation of a commercially available computer that successfully uses magnetic-core storage.