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World’s Progress Hastened by Inventions (Oct, 1924)

If you want a really weird example of typesetting check out the last section. In that they:

graph but not the second half of a hyphenated word.

World’s Progress Hastened by Inventions

Seeking New and Improved Methods and Machines to Do Man’s Labor, Many Industries Spur Search with Offers of Reward DESPITE the fleetness with which developments in science and industry have taken their places in the service of man during the past few centuries, untold problems remain to be solved, powerful unknown forces are to be harnessed and hidden sources of new wealth uncovered. Greater demands for time and labor-saving methods and devices are constantly arising, notwithstanding the fact that machinery now performs most of the labor in mill, factory and office.

RCA’s Free & Easy Dealer Awards (Aug, 1974)

RCA’s Free & Easy Dealer Awards

When you buy RCA tubes from your participating RCA tube distributor, he delivers the goods the easy way. No muss, no fuss, no constant cutting of carton flaps, no torn cartons on your shelf or in your caddy. Just give your tube order to your RCA distributor and get your premium the free and easy way. The bigger your tube order, the more valuable your gift. So visit him soon and select your Free and Easy RCA award with your purchase of RCA tubes. (The values are really extra special.)

Find Five Errors in Each Photo: $1,000 in Prizes (Dec, 1930)

Find Five Errors in Each Photo: $1,000 in Prizes

What errors can you find in each of the pictures on these two pages? In each of them, George Knowitall is busy making a mistake, and besides, in each there are four errors deliberately put there by expert trick photography. Find these five mistakes in each of the pictures, send us your answers, and you may win one of the big cash prizes listed on page 27. First, read the rules carefully on the preceding page and then study pictures for errors.