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SEX IN THE NEWS (Sep, 1965)


Just as Alcides Zelada Saldana of Lima, Peru, was about to be joined in marriage to his betrothed Teresa Romero Garcia, his wife walked down the aisle leading her 5 children.


The test case they are referring to is of course Griswold v. Connecticut in which the Supreme Court ruled that the law violated a person’s right to privacy.

Of course there are still those, including the insufferable Rick Santorum (NSFW), a leading republican candidate for president who disagree with that ruling.

Fortunately Planned Parenthood is still around and could use your help in their good work.  Please consider donating today.


Once again Connecticut’s 85-year-old anti-birth control law has been upheld by the state supreme court. The state law, which has been attacked by Planned Parenthood League of Connecticut for more than 40 years, makes the use of contraceptives a crime. Another state law makes it illegal to give advice—even for doctors—on the use of contraceptives.



Withdrawal before ejaculation is used more widely and probably with less harm than has been supposed. Helen Kitchen Branson, M.A.

One of the oldest (possibly the original) methods of birth control is withdrawal. Simply stated, it is withdrawal of the penis from the vagina a few moments before the male sexual act is completed by the discharge of the seminal fluid.

Historically and professionally known as coitus interruptus, the Latin name for it, withdrawal was practiced in Biblical times. The simplest English words for the method are: interrupted sexual intercourse, or as it is popularly called, withdrawal.

Should students learn BIRTH CONTROL? (Feb, 1964)

Yet another ridiculous debate we seem to be having verbatim almost 50 years later.

Should students learn BIRTH CONTROL?

Adults who think that teenagers don’t pick up contraceptive information on their own are deceiving themselves. By Isadore Rubin, Ph.D.

Dr. Rubin is Managing Editor of this publication.

At a recent press conference in Los Angeles, the president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Dr. Alan F. Guttmacher, made nationwide headlines by proposing that older high school students be given instruction in birth-control methods as part of a sex education program.

Birth Control – A Two-Edged Sword? (Mar, 1922)

According to the author of this article the main issue surrounding birth control is how to get the “shiftless and stupid at the lower end of the scale of social worth” to use it, thus committing “class-suicide”. As well as convincing the “higher classes” to turn their women into baby factories.

Birth Control – A Two-Edged Sword?

It Is the Only Road to Race-Improvement, But—May It Mean Retrogression? — What Is Your Own Relation to It?

By Albert Edward Wiggam

PRESIDENT HARDING recently wrote, a letter which ought to have attracted international attention. The letter was addressed to a citizen of the United States, whose name would never otherwise have gotten before the public, congratulating him upon the fact that he had achieved a family of sixteen children. I naturally supposed upon reading President Harding’s laudatory comments that the parents of these children were persons of exceptional distinction in some field of science, commerce, art or public service, and that these fine talents would be inherited by the children to spread through the nation. What was my astonishment and disappointment, when I learned that this man’s services to human society were valued by his fellow men at twenty dollars a week!

Now some of the greatest men who ever lived had fathers who earned even less than twenty dollars a week. But Sir Francis Galton, the founder of Eugenics, Havelock Ellis and others, have found that, in the long run, at least one-half of all the great men of the world, who have made civilization what it is, were born from parents who had achieved great distinction and usually wealth, and that nearly all the other half sprang from parents of the abler and more well-to-do classes.