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New & Timely – Cheap Music, Gernsback and Microprocessor Patent (Dec, 1974)

I’m sure the RIAA might have had a bit of an issue with telling people it’s ok to tape albums and then return them, but I do love the idea of a non-profit record store with the goal of providing cheap music to the masses. File this under “things that work way better on the internet”.

The patent on the bottom of the first page is, I think, probably referring to Jack Kilby’s original patent for the manufacture of microprocessors, making it essentially the foundational patent of the modern computer industry.

I also think it’s kind of funny that they mention that Hugo Gernsback was inducted into the NEDSA hall of fame, just before going on to list who the winners of the 1974 Gernsback Scholarship for home-study electronics were. Incidentally there is another, slightly more prominent, set of awards named in his honor. The Hugo Awards.

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Low-priced music for the masses supplied by “anti-profit” shop.

Because they “didn’t want to see a society without music,” four Washington women have opened what they call “an anti-profit enterprise” to sell phonograph records at phenomenally low prices, reports the Washington Post/Potomac.

Named “Bread and Roses” after a line in an old worker’s song, the new establishment markets records of African music, blues, folk and rock at about a 9 per cent markup.


I remember this building from when I lived in Minneapolis. It was built by Wilber Foshay, a utility magnate who was later convicted for running a pyramid scheme. Check out the Wikipedia entry for an interesting story about its dedication celebration. Apparently Foshay hired John Philip Sousa compose a march for the occasion but it was only played that one time because his check to Sousa bounced. It wasn’t until some investors in Minnesota paid his bill that it was heard again.

It seems like every time I read about Sousa it has something to with copyright or music piracy.


SUGAR and flour were used in building up the birthday cake model of the Foshay building pictured in the photo at the right. The Foshay tower, built in the city of Minneapolis, was recently described in the pages of Modern Mechanics. The birthday cake held the center of the table at a dinner given in San Francisco to celebrate the opening of the W. B. Foshay building in that city.