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LAW – Study at home (Jun, 1935)

Would that be British law? Does it come with a free wig?

LAW – Study at home

Legally trained men win high positions and big success in business and public life. Be independent. Greater opportunities now than ever before. Big corporations are headed by men with legal training.

We guide you step by step. You can train at home during spare time. Degree of LL. B. conferred. Successful graduates in every section of U.S. We furnish all text material, including fourteen-volume Law Library. Low cost, easy terms. Get our valuable 64-page “Law Guide” and “Evidence” books free. Send for them NOW.

LaSalle Extension University
he World’s Largest Business Training Institution
Dept, 560-L, Chicago, Ill.

An Open Letter To All Young Fellows (Jan, 1932)

I’m not even going to attempt transcribing this. If someone wants to, please feel free to post it in the comments.

An Open Letter To All Young Fellows
H. C. LEWIS. President

COYNE ELECTRICAL SCHOOL, Dept. “‘3* 500 So. Paulina Street, Chicago, Ill.

Dear Mr. Lewis: I want to get ahead. Send me your Free book.

How to CRACK the education barrier (May, 1956)

How to CRACK the education barrier

Is there an “education barrier” between you and promotion? Are young college graduates being brought in to fill positions above you?

You can break down that barrier . . . gain real security, responsibility, prestige . . . surprise fellow employees and win their respect. You can match yourself against the smartest of the college boys and come out a WINNER. Here’s how!

Do Your Friends Feel Sorry for Your Wife? (Dec, 1929)

That’s pretty brutal.

Do Your Friends Feel Sorry for Your Wife?

Like it or not, your friends and neighbors size you up by what you EARN —judged by your home and family. Why not surprise them by making good in a big way? Tell them nothing, but on the quiet fit yourself for a bigger place!

ONLY a woman knows how much a wife can suffer when her husband fails to “make the grade”— When she dreads to meet her old school friends—when she skimps on her own appearance “so John can make a good showing at the office”—when she can’t give her children things as good as the other children have, and they ask her why.

Are you a guy who didn’t MARRY THE BOSS’S DAUGHTER? (Jan, 1959)

Are you a guy who didn’t MARRY THE BOSS’S DAUGHTER?

They tell us it’s a good way to get ahead. The tough part is . . . there aren’t enough bosses’ daughters to go around. But there’s another way to call your shots.

Thomas Foster’s School By Mail (Sep, 1953)

Thomas Foster’s School By Mail

By Alfred Lief

COAL mine accidents in the 1880’s prompted a Pennsylvania editor, Thomas Jefferson Foster, to crusade for safety laws. In his paper he ran question -and-answer columns for miners which proved so popular he later compiled them into a free handbook. But it seemed to him that the message he had to tell should be conveyed to his readers in a more systematic way.

What’s ahead? (Jan, 1947)

What’s ahead?

A world of rapid changes and new economic problems, that’s certain. Just as surely, however, there’s one thing that will be unchanged. In the near future and the long future, the important positions will be held by trained men.

You want security for your family… freedom from financial worry … your own home . . . perhaps your own business. The surest route to them is specialized training that pays out in promotions and increased income.

are you SUFFERING from HIDDEN TALENTS? (Mar, 1950)


Do other people’s successes make you feel unimportant? It may be that you’ve never given yourself a chance. Almost everyone has hidden talents which, when fully developed, open up new and challenging opportunities.



Yes, YOU may be the one to lead the thrilling chase.

There IS satisfaction in bringing a crook to justice through SCIENTIFIC CRIME DETECTION. The thrill of solving the mystery may be yours. We can teach you Finger Printing and Criminal Investigation; teach you quickly and easily in your own homes.

HUNDREDS OF IDENTIFICATION BUREAUS employ men trained by I.A.S. You too, may work for these Crime Detection Bureaus. Let us show you how we can prepare you for this exciting, well-paid profession in your spare time. Write today … NOW. No salesman will call. (Be sure to state your age.) INSTITUTE OF APPLIED SCIENCE (A Correspondence School Since 1916) Dept. 135A, 1920 Sunnyside Ave., Chicago, 40, III.

Send for thrilling “BLUE BOOK OF CRIME” which tells how Criminal Investigators work.

DON’T be a subordinate all your life (Dec, 1936)

DON’T be a subordinate all your life

You live only once—make the most of that life! Be happy in your personal life — be successful in your business life. Don’t be content merely to curse the fates that keep you in a subordinate’s place. Kick these fates out of your life. The first healthy step toward doing it is to mail this coupon to the International Correspondence Schools. This institution can give you the training it takes to get ahead these days.