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WRS VHFUHW! (May, 1950)


Experts insist that there is no such thing as an absolutely unbreakable code. Here’s how cryptanalysis, the science of breaking codes and ciphers, helped us to win two world wars.

By Wilfred Weiss

AN inventor interested in cryptography recently worked out a complicated device to encode and decode messages. With a million dollars worth of backing, he spent almost ten years in an effort to develop this super machine which could produce an unbreakable code. When he finally had it perfected he brought it to Washington, D. C. to be examined by the experts.

Machine Tears Apart And Rebuilds Speech (Sep, 1939)

Machine Tears Apart And Rebuilds Speech
A MACHINE that tears speech to pieces and remakes it in new patterns has been developed. Use of these machines for sending and receiving telephone messages would make wire-tapping impossible, unless the wiretapper had a machine with which to listen. Anyone listening with an ordinary receiver to a call made through the machine would hear only unintelligible sounds. Other possible uses for the machine are the making of voices for animated cartoons and in improving newsreel vocal accompaniment where excitement might make parts difficult to understand.