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BY Don Romero

Impossible? The man does it immediately and perfectly.

THEODORE ENGBERT modestly calls himself a cabinet maker. Actually he is an “Aladdin’s Lamp” for clients who require the impossible almost immediately. Short of a Brooklyn Bridge or a Holland Tunnel, Engbert can build anything—and produce it with the speed of a genie. And if he can’t build the actual object, he can so realistically duplicate it in wood that for all visual purposes his “mock-up” will be indistinguishable from the real thing.

Designs for Better Living (Apr, 1946)

Designs for Better Living

Pity the industrial designer. He must be one dream in front of his competitor, but if he dreams too far ahead, the customers stay away in droves

By John R. Kinsey

LOOK around your home.

Study the appearance of your radio, refrigerator, bathroom scale or even that tube of toothpaste in the medicine cabinet.

Maybe they look O.K. to you, but not to an army of engineers, research experts, artists, sculptors, draftsmen and model makers who are busy right now figuring out ways to make those products—and thousands of other things— look better, work better and sell better.