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THRILL with Young America (Jun, 1949) (Jun, 1949)

THRILL with Young America


Dodge gives you the first new Sports Roadster… a new value-packed 2-door Sedan… a new 3-passenger Coupe… for just a few dollars more than the lowest priced cars.

You’ll have to see it to believe it! Even then, you’ll wonder how the exciting new Dodge Wayfarer can be priced so low.

Now! Swept-Wing Wagons with the OBSERVATION LOUNGE! (Feb, 1957)

They! Really! Like exclamation points!

Step into the wonderful world of AUTODYNAMICS!

Now! Swept-Wing Wagons with the OBSERVATION LOUNGE!

It unleashes a hurricane of power It breaks through the vibration barrier It is swept-wing mastery of motion Autodynamics — everything new from road to roof! New aircraft-type engines up to 310 hp! New Push-Button Torque-Flite that packs a silk-smooth 1-2 punch! New Torsion-Aire Ride that sweeps you into a “Realm of Silence.” You’ve never seen, felt, owned anything like it!

Who says station wagons are alike! Up comes Dodge with a string of swept-wing sweethearts just teeming with Autodynamic ideas. New ideas! Practical ideas! Fun ideas—like the Observation Lounge with Spectator Seat. Write for free descriptive folder in full color: Dodge Division, Dept. L, Box 1259, Detroit 31, Michigan.

SWEPT WING ’57 Dodge

Now! TWO different full-hour Lawrence Welk Shows each week on TV! “Dancing Party ” and “Top Tunes and New Talent”— ABC-TV.

THE ’56 DODGE (Dec, 1955)

Screw the iPhone. I’m getting a record player for my car.


Featuring a unique pushbutton transmission, the new Dodge will be hard to beat in the medium-priced field, reports Uncle Thomas.

By Tom McCahill

THE fan-out of the rear fender line is the big styling change for the 1956 Dodge. Oddly enough, this looks much better in person than in photographs. The hood has been drooped slightly at the nose, a new ornament has been slapped on, and under the hood there is a much larger ram than for ’55.