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The Drive-In is Thrivin’ (Aug, 1951)

The Drive-In is Thrivin’

America’s newest major industry was regarded as a newfangled novelty a decade or so ago. Now it’s become strictly big business.

By I. B. Neer

WITHOUT leaving the wheel of your car you can spend the most amazing vacation of your life this summer. For the drive-in is really thrivin’!

Without sliding from behind the steering wheel, you’ll be able, to deposit money in a bank, do all your shopping in supermarkets, buy a bouquet of flowers, mail a letter, go to church, pay your gas and electric bills, have prescriptions filled, get your laundry and dry cleaning done, take out insurance, check into a hotel, visit a zoo, have your shoes repaired and buy a bottle of Scotch for the long cool nights.

Walkie-Talkies Speed the ‘Burgers (Dec, 1952)

Walkie-Talkies Speed the ‘Burgers

ORDERS taken by employe’s of a Milwaukee drive-in snack shop are flashed to the kitchen over the walkie-talkie (below). Filled promptly (right), orders are then delivered by other employes. Because the order girl goes directly from one car to another she saves five to 10 miles of walking a day, and orders are taken promptly. Delivery time to the customer is about 4-1/2 minutes. Equipment carried by the order taker weighs about 8 lbs. and the batteries are good for about 8 hours. The Federal Communications Commission has assigned Ace Foods, the shop, station number KA-8931.