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Climbers Use Odd Exerciser (Sep, 1939)

Climbers Use Odd Exerciser

Made like a rungless ladder with adjustable sides that can be moved apart or brought closer together at will, a novel exerciser recently constructed was designed especially for mountain climbers. Straddling upward between the side-pieces, climbers obtain useful practice for mounting the narrow gaps and crevices they meet in a real climb.

EXERCISING at EASE with Mechanical Beauty AIDS (Oct, 1930)

EXERCISING at EASE with Mechanical Beauty AIDS

TO OVERWEIGHT men and women who desire to cut down their tonnage the strenuous exercises and rigorous diet prescribed by hard-hearted physicians are usually soon forgotten. The love of rich food and fondness for reclining in an easy chair have more appeal than the thought of a sylph-like figure.



Intended to remove surplus weight and to stimulate circulation, a strange motor-driven massaging machine has been devised by a Tulsa, Okla., woman. The subject stands erect within a cagelike frame of iron, and from six to eight rollers resembling large coil springs are fastened about her. When an operator throws a switch, an electric motor imparts a reciprocating motion to the frame, which oscillates vertically, and rollers apply a massage that varies with their adjustment.

Unique Bed Loom Gives Invalids Fun and Exercise (Jul, 1940)

Unique Bed Loom Gives Invalids Fun and Exercise
Keeping young patients entertained while exercising their muscles at the same time is the purpose of the invalid’s weaving loom pictured at the left. The invention of Margaret Gleave, a nurse at the James Whitcomb Riley Hospital for Children, in Indianapolis, Ind., the loom is operated by youngsters suffering from leg and hip diseases to help them exercise their afflicted limbs. The invention won a fifty-dollar prize for the nurse.

How To Use Bar Bells Intelligently—Successfully (Mar, 1922)

Wow, that does look like an intelligent way to use a bar bell!

How To Use Bar Bells Intelligently—Successfully
The value of owning a Bar Bell depends upon knowing how to use it. Bar Bell exercise can De either helpful or hurtful Prof Anthony Barker’s Complete Course in Heavy Dumbbell Exercises shows the way to get the best results without danger of strain or injury. Gives instructions for complete development of entire body Contains 40 different exercises, illustrated.

Warren Lincoln Travis, the World’s Champion Weight Lifter, says: “I do all my training with Prof Barker’s system because it is the best and quickest method of gaining health and strength.”
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