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Novel Machines Fight Grasshopper Scourge (Feb, 1932)

Novel Machines Fight Grasshopper Scourge

WHEN the rapacious hordes of grasshoppers descended upon the farmlands of the Northwest this past summer, laying waste thousands of acres of wheat and corn, the farmers called upon their mechanical ingenuity and went into battle with the insects with an array of strange looking machines.

MAN vs. RAT (Feb, 1938)


…Experts Hunt Down a Brazen Thief, Vandal, and Killer

By E. W. Murtfeldt

AS DUSK settled over New York City, one evening not long ago, the second largest power plant in the world suddenly broke down and plunged a huge area into darkness. Crowded subway trains stalled in black tunnels. Elevators stopped, movies faded from the screen, traffic lights blinked out, surgeons desperately completed delicate operations by flickering candlelight. A paralyzed, helpless city groped in darkness.