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Eye-Stoppers (Apr, 1956)


WEIGHTED LADS are British soccer players strengthening neck and back muscles, testing Russian, Continental teams’ technique.

CHROME-PLATED fireplug cost La Jolla, Calif., Dr. Edward Courtney $222.50 to pretty up.

LIGHTNING-STRUCK Civil War gun delights kids in Springfield Armory Museum, Mass.

PENNY FARTHING bike fitted with motor is part of 85-year-old Rowland Winn’s museum of ancient cars and bikes, Leeds, England.

THOUSAND-LB. stuffed bear at Yale’s Peabody Museum was gift of toymaker A. C. Gilbert.

MI-stoppers (Nov, 1954)


Don’t give us any of your lip! A giraffe at Rome. Italy, zoo stretches its neck and sticks out its tongue to reach for a tasty piece of cake.

Corset-like, ventilated cooling suit made in England keeps jet pilots cool when they By at supersonic speeds or in a torrid climate.

Eye-Stoppers VIII (May, 1956)


“STILTS” Lewandowski has bus directed between his 34-ft. high legs by a midget to draw attention to Ascot. England, circus.

MODERN VERSION of sawing a woman in half uses power-operated blade. Hindu Houdini and calm assistant performed in Paris.

MITEY DICTIONARY owned by Mrs. Friedman. Vancouver. Wash., has 3,300 words. Magnifying glass is used for tiny type.

TONSIL PEERING kitty takes one last look before 13-1/2 lb. black bass is mounted by Floridian Wyatt Duncan, who caught it.

BOTANICAL THIMBLE holds miniature garden for plant lover Harry Graus of New York City. Thimble holds eight different plants.



HOT DOG cools off with special sunshade which is secured by reflective aluminum sheet harness. Pooch hails from London.

EYEBALL POPPER is actress Sandra Giles’ fur-coated ‘T-Bird. What happens when it rains?

GENTLE SQUEEZE begets milk as fresh as any udder from unique squirt apparatus. It is located in coffee bar in merry England.

STOGIE PARKER in Holland art gallery allows pure Havana lovers to store rope, pick it up after seeing exhibit.

Eye Stoppers V (Dec, 1956)

Eye Stoppers

BIGGEST CUCKOO comes out of the world’s biggest cuckoo clock every hall hour in Wiesbaden, the famous German health resort.

HEAVIEST CHESSMEN are moved by five-ton crane directed by a tape recorder “brain” in recent automation exhibition in London.

LOVABLE LOBSTER, pet of New York chef Ted Miller, on his morning stroll. Name Oscar is painted on right claw.

LIVE MAGICIAN George Grimmond is in minority; six others have died trying to snap up bullets fired at them on stage.

TRICK JOOLS are lights with tiny GE salt water-activated batteries. They burn one hour after a very quick salt bath.

Eye Stoppers IV (Mar, 1957)

Eye Stoppers

EYES ICE Cutter studies big $2,500,000 rock in New York shop of jeweler Harry Winston.

HEAP’S CHEAP Florida man’s 85-hp homebuilt cost $200 for motor, parts.

CREEPS DEEP In new suit Italian diver can go down to a record 820—foot depth.

WEARS WARES; London vendor sells his plants from novel pick-a-back planter-carrier.

TAPES SHAPE Petite brunette, 12 inches tall, displays truly trim and chic hip measurement.



CIRCLE-CYCLE 1/2-hp mill turns outer tire on ballbearing rollers. West Va. high schoolers built it.

HOOD buttons on collar of waterproof and wrinkleproof suit shown in Paris.

TUSK BRACE keeps Washington Zoo’s Ashoka’s ivory from squeezing trunk.

Eye-Stoppers II (Aug, 1956)


WORLD’S ONLY life-size model of an oar fish, rarely-seen denizen of the deep, took San Diego museum four years to build.

PRESENT FOR IKE. golf bag in form of Washington Monument has patriotic adornments.

FANCY PANTS rooster, pet to a Michigan man, struts latest of a large selection of trews.

ALL-WEATHER SPECS have chewing gum-powered wipers plus a handy rear-view mirror.

Eye-Stoppers (Oct, 1955)

That grizzly bear chair is one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen.


QUAFFER EXTRAORDINARY is Auguste Maffrey, French beer-drinking champ, who slurps up about 12 quarts of suds in 52 minutes from king-sized vat. Any challengers?

GRIZZLY-BEAR chair presented to President Andrew Johnson in 1865 won’t take a chunk from your hide when you sit down, but only a man with steady nerves can relax in it

TIBETAN GHOST TRAP imprisons visitors from space, it says here. Trap at rear is for demons who bring illness.