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The Foster Portfolio (Sep, 1951)

In the early 90’s Showtime had a short-lived show called Kurt Vonnegut’s Monkey House, actually hosted by Vonnegut that showed productions of his short stories.

The Foster Portfolio

My business is handling other people’s money, and I have a great respect for money.

But how could I help a man like Herbert Foster, who had such an odd feeling about it?


I’M a salesman of good advice for rich people. I’m a contact man for an investment counseling firm. It’s a living, but not a whale of a one —or at least not now, when I’m just starting out. To qualify for the job, I hud to buy a Homburg, a navy-blue overcoat, a double-breasted banker’s-gray suit, black shoes, a regimental-stripe tie, half a dozen white shirts, half a dozen pairs of black socks and gray gloves.

The Powder Blue Dragon -Kurt Vonnegut, Jr (Nov, 1954)

This is one of Vonnegut’s earlier published stories. Interestingly a few years after the story was published he opened a short-lived Saab dealership in a town that sounds a lot like this one.

The Powder Blue Dragon

She was romance, beauty, a dream for a lifetime. He had to have her, no matter what the cost.


A thin young man, with big, grimy hands, crossed the sun-softened asphalt of the village street, from the automobile showroom to the drugstore, his self-consciousness thinly disguised by his pretense of being on important business.

Carter of the Red Planet – Part 3 (Jul, 1929)

Carter of Mars Series:

  • Part 1
  • Part 2 (unavailable, if you have a copy of the June, 1929 issue of Modern Mechanics, and want to send me a scan, that would be great.)
  • Part 3

Carter of the Red Planet

Enlisting the services of the Green Men of Thark, John Carter and his formidable allies battle their way into the city of Zodanga and rescue the imprisoned Princess of Helium in this concluding installment of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ great story of weird adventure on the planet Mars. “Carter of the Red Planet” is the most extraordinary work of imaginative fiction yet to come from the pen of the man who will be remembered as the author of “Tarzan of the Apes.”


Author of “TARZAN”.

IN WHAT strange manner I was transported across the wastes of space to the planet Mars, I cannot say—it was inexplicable to me then, years ago, and it is inexplicable now. The important fact was that I, John Carter of Virginia, awoke to find myself lying on the moss-bound ground of Mars, surrounded by a group of immense four-armed creatures whom I came to know as the Green Men of Mars.

Carter of The Red Planet – Part 1 (May, 1929)

In it’s first year of publication Modern Mechanix, called Modern Mechanics at the time, published a number of serialized works of fiction by Edgar Rice Burroughs. I’ve been waiting to post these until I had a complete set of each serial, the case of Carter of Mars I am missing part 2 which was printed in the June, 1929 issue.

The early issues of Modern Mechanics are very hard to find. They come up for auction rarely, and tend to be rather expensive. There is a copy of it currently for sale on eBay, but because of the recently released movie, it’s currently priced at $160. A bit more than I’m willing to pay for a single issue of a magazine. If anyone reading this owns a copy and wants to send me scans of the story, I’d love to post it.

If you are interested in reading this version of the story, but don’t care if it is a scan of the magazine, someone collected all of the Burroughs stories from MM into a book and you can buy it on Amazon: A Trilogy Of Stories: Conquest Of The Moon/Lost Inside The Earth/Carter Of The Red Planet

Carter of Mars Series:

Carter of The Red Planet

A Novel of Extraordinary Adventure on the Red Planet Mars


From the distant planet Earth, John Carter, the Virginian, came to Mars to battle with Green Warriors in his peril-fraught effort to breathe new life into a dying world. Begin this great serial now; a summary of previous chapters is printed as part of the story.

OF THE incredible manifestation of nature which took me, John Carter of Virginia, and wafted me across countless miles of space to the planet Mars, I think I need say little. In the first place, I cannot myself explain how my soul was drawn irresistibly toward the red planet on that night, years ago, when I stood mysteriously alone on an Arizona hill; nor does it really matter how the miracle of my transmigration was accomplished.

The Next Frontier? (Jul, 1976)

The Next Frontier?

Shape of things to come? Even as Apollo and orbiting Skylab recede into history, American scientists consider a more awesome enterprise—a permanent colony in space.


I DID NOT REALLY UNDERSTAND what L-5 was like, on this July day in A.D. 2026, until I no longer saw it from my vantage point in space.

On the shuttle flight I had observed by telescope the torus that we all recognize, much like a bicycle wheel, gleaming in the direct light of the sun and in the light reflected from the large mirror floating free above. The six spokes and the central hub were visible too, of course.