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The Foster Portfolio (Sep, 1951)

In the early 90’s Showtime had a short-lived show called Kurt Vonnegut’s Monkey House, actually hosted by Vonnegut that showed productions of his short stories.

The Foster Portfolio

My business is handling other people’s money, and I have a great respect for money.

But how could I help a man like Herbert Foster, who had such an odd feeling about it?


I’M a salesman of good advice for rich people. I’m a contact man for an investment counseling firm. It’s a living, but not a whale of a one —or at least not now, when I’m just starting out. To qualify for the job, I hud to buy a Homburg, a navy-blue overcoat, a double-breasted banker’s-gray suit, black shoes, a regimental-stripe tie, half a dozen white shirts, half a dozen pairs of black socks and gray gloves.

Shilling to Earn All World’s Gold (Feb, 1932)

This reminded me of (what I thought) was an episode of Duck Tales where Scrooge McDuck decides to make a ton

Shilling to Earn All World’s Gold

WHEN Dr. Leopold Bauer, noted Vienna architect, recently deposited a shilling in the Bank of England, to be compounded quarterly and paid to his descendants in 1500 years, we wonder if he realized that he was attempting to corner the world’s wealth.

Could This Be Your House? (Jun, 1946)

Could This Be Your House?

Mow that the war’s over and a lot more civilian goods are on the market, it’s a big temptation to spend just about all you make, and not put anything aside.

But to fall for that temptation is plenty dangerous. It’s like trying to live in the house above —a house that might come tumbling down about your ears at the first little blow of hard luck.

HOW E-Z MONEY CAN K-O YOU! (Feb, 1958)


Cut-throat moneylenders, charging up to 1000% interest, drive cornered debtors into crime . . .


“DO YOU NEED CASH?” the bright neons ask with a cold glare. “It’s E-Z!”

You can get money in the most unlikely places today, but you’d better beware, brother!

You’re buying trouble with that “personalized small loan” whether you get it over or under the counter. You were broke when you started after it. But you may end up with broken limbs, or even dead in the gutter!

Maybe you’ve been unusually lucky and the day you need a loan is still to come. But, whatever the exact time, odds are you will borrow money at intervals throughout your life!

Your Credit at a Glance (Mar, 1922)

Looking at an operation like this you can really understand why people were so afraid of computers stealing everyone’s job. Most of those women could be replaced by one computer and a few terminals.

Your Credit at a Glance

Do you know just what happens when you “charge” a purchase in a large department store? You see the sales clerk write your name and address, with the amount of the purchase, on a charge slip, then pack the slip into a cylindrical box and start it on its way through a pneumatic tube to some unknown destination. A minute later the slip returns by the same route, approved or otherwise, to the sales clerk.

PHOTO-CHECKS (Dec, 1958)

THE FACE ON THE FACE of the check is the face of the signer—a bright idea cooked up by the Louisiana National Bank, Baton Rouge, La. New depositors have identification right on their checks, along with their names and addresses. Makes checks much more acceptable.