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Fishing for Oil (Sep, 1936)

Fishing for Oil

A very valuable oil, for watches and fine machinery, is obtained from the blubber of the “blackfish”—which is really not a fish, but a species of small whale, attaining a length of 30 feet and weighing three tons or more.

THE average person, hearing of a “blackfish,” imagines it to be an ordinary fish, about the size of a herring. But there are many fish called “black-fish” and one of them (sometimes called the “pilot-whale”) is not a fish at all, but a mammal (a species of small whale). A full-grown blackfish averages 30 feet in length and weighs about 3 tons.

He Makes Big Profits on a Small Scale (May, 1956)

He Makes Big Profits on a Small Scale

This unusual business makes fish scales into artificial flowers and costume jewelry that will dazzle the eye and not offend the nose!

By Rudy Arnold

THERE’S something new in the costume accessories business—a $50,000-a-year idea for turning fish scales into fancy flowers, costume jewelry and stylish hats.

Raymond Pier, a retired 48-year-old auto dealer of Ocean Grove, N. J., got bored with the idle life in Florida. When his eight-year-old daughter came back from the beach one day with a handful of seashells, he wondered if a few novelties couldn’t be created out of the sea’s beautiful but wasted bounty.