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What’s New in AVIATION (Feb, 1947)

What’s New in AVIATION

P-51 GETS A BOOST. When the Army recently experimented on a Mustang fighter (above), it installed two ram-let engines on its wing tips. The jets don’t start working until the P-51 hits 350 m.p.h.

Rescue Glider-Boat (Sep, 1947)

This seems like a pretty weird way to rescue people…

IN ITS unceasing efforts to save lives at sea, the Coast Guard is developing the glider-boat rescue unit illustrated here. Towed by powerful aircraft, the device would be released over the scene of disaster. After gliding to the water, it would jettison its wings and tail and take on the function of a motor boat. Designers hope eventually to make use of the wings and tail of CG4A gliders, produced in quantity during the war. The craft will be built so that it can be hoisted aboard rescue ships arriving upon the scene.

Queer Wing-Flapping Plane Ascends Vertically Into Air (Feb, 1934)

Queer Wing-Flapping Plane Ascends Vertically Into Air

A QUEER-SHAPED aircraft, seemingly a combination of everything which has ever flown through the air, has proven successful in initial tests, doing just about anything in the way of performance that could be asked of a heavier-than-air craft. Jette, designer, a young Swedish engineer of Stockholm, believes his radically-designed plane will revolutionize the aviation industry.

Stubby wings like those of the earlier autogyros give the plane stability in horizontal flight. The engine drives a propeller mounted forward as in the ordinary land plane, and through gears turns the huge overhead rotor. Three flapping wings attached to the rotor move up and down as they spin, just as in an autogyro, and vanes on the inside of the rotor provide lifting force.