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What’s New in AVIATION (Feb, 1947)

What’s New in AVIATION

P-51 GETS A BOOST. When the Army recently experimented on a Mustang fighter (above), it installed two ram-let engines on its wing tips. The jets don’t start working until the P-51 hits 350 m.p.h.

Flying Auto (Jun, 1946)

If you keep the original formatting, the first line is “Flying Auto kills two”. That would explain why it’s “not yet ready to be placed on the market”.

Popular Science did a much more comprehensive article on the car.  They at least mentioned the inventor’s name. It was designated as the Convair 116 which led to the Convair 118.

Flying Auto kills two birds with one stone. Minus the wing and tail structure it is an automobile; with them, it becomes a creditable flying machine. The two-passenger plane is still in the experimental state so far, and is not yet ready to be placed on the market.



Here’s a perfect solution to traffic jams: Drive to the nearest airport and take off.

DEWEY BRYAN and his auto-plane contraption are equally at home on the highway or in the air. When the Highland, Mich., inventor becomes annoyed with Sunday drivers he simply pulls into the nearest airport, rigs his wings and takes off into the wild blue yonder, just as easy as you please.