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New Electrical Apparatus Will Kill Poultry Humanely (Dec, 1936)

New Electrical Apparatus Will Kill Poultry Humanely

ALTHOUGH the first electrical apparatus for electrocuting fowl was invented more than 188 years ago by Benjamin Franklin it was not until recently that such a device was conceived for present day requirements.

Milking Cows From a Swivel Chair (Oct, 1954)

Milking Cows From a Swivel Chair

You can just sit back and let the cows do most of the work in this modern unit.

THE dream of farming by push-button came a whole lot closer to reality this year when the Hervey Research Development Corp. of Geneva, Ill., put on the market its amazingly efficient pre-packaged dairy plant which enables one person to wash, milk and feed 30 cows an hour without even stirring from a comfortable foam-rubber-cushioned swivel chair.

Sitting at ease in the center of the milking room, the operator pulls a cord to open the barn door, twists a crank to measure out feed for each cow, then tugs at another cord to let Bossy go back to pasture. Automatic milkers pipe the Grade A to a stainless steel cooling tank.

Onions Without Tears (Sep, 1947)

Onions Without Tears

WEEP no more, my lady. That greatest of all tear-jerkers, the onion, is now under control.

Ever since the first bold botanist gave the potent vegetable to the world, the imperious onion has remained unconquered. One jab with a knife and stinging tears would brim the eyes of the strongest man, the most careful housewife. Nothing was done for centuries. Mankind accepted the dictatorship of the onion, kept on peeling, and kept on crying.

Machine Bottles Milk in Paper (May, 1933)

Those look exactly like modern milk cartons, I wonder why it took so long for them to catch on.

Machine Bottles Milk in Paper

Wrapping milk or cream in paper is the unusual feat performed by a new machine for dairies. In one continuous operation, the device forms a container from paper, dips it in molten paraffin, cools it, fills it with milk, and seals it. A consumer receives a boxful of milk untouched by human hands in the packaging process. The paper containers are easily handled and occupy little space in a refrigerator. They are thrown away when empty. The new containers are a substitute for present-day milk bottles of glass, which must be washed and sterilized for re-use, and which are often lost or broken.

Automatic Egg Breaker (Aug, 1935)

Automatic Egg Breaker
This new separator cracks the shells of 3,600 eggs an hour, and holds them apart till the contents drain into the cups, where each is inspected. (Int. News)

Pretzel Bending Machine Solves Problem (Nov, 1936)

Pretzel Bending Machine Solves Problem

Accomplishing what once was considered as impossible for a machine, a new pretzel bender turns out 900 completely twisted pretzels per minute. It more than equals the work of fifteen expert pretzel-bending girls. The machine is an odd assembly of wheels, endless belts, air hose and electric motors, yet it handles pretzels with far more skill and speed than the best worker. Circle, top, machine at work. Center, pretzels ready for cooking. Bottom, expert worker bending pretzels by hand .

Merry-Go-Round House For Japanese Hens (Apr, 1960)

Merry-Go-Round House For Japanese Hens

Even the chickens are profiting from an automation boom in Japan! In operation at Okayama, a seven-story “apartment house” for chickens does everything but lay the eggs for the hens. An electric motor rotates the house, causing it to make a complete circuit every 38 minutes, stopping five minutes on each revolution to allow the birds to feed and drink from three food boxes on each story.

Bottling Machine Defies Bacteria (Mar, 1947)

Bottling Machine Defies Bacteria

Faced with a growing demand for Parenamine, an amino-acid solution used for injections, engineers of Frederick Stearns & Co. designed this sterile filling machine to eliminate laborious hand work. The entire apparatus is enclosed by a Plexiglas hood and is subjected to a constant flood of bactericidal ultraviolet rays. The machine can fill 2,000 bottles an hour.