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Plankton- Blue Plate Special (Dec, 1941)

Plankton- Blue Plate Special

Found! — A New Food From The Sea That May Mean The Difference Between Victory and Defeat For The Democracies.

by Elon Jessup

CARE for a dish of plankton?


Well, you’d better not turn up your nose at it. If this war really gets tough, the chances are great that you and I and the guy next door may soon have to eat plankton instead of steaks, chops, turkey and candied sweets. As a matter of fact, I think you’d rather like this new table delicacy.

Del Monte Catsup – taste the Big Bright Flavor (Nov, 1963)

taste the Big Bright Flavor

Sizzly, juicy hot dogs like this frankly deserve Del Monte® Catsup— it makes every bite a banquet. We start with fresh-picked tomatoes, add secret spices, blend with our own pineapple distilled vinegar.

That’s why the flavor is rich and robust, big and bright! That’s why Del Monte Catsup makes everything from beans and burgers to spareribs and stew taste even better! Try it soon in the Family Size bottle.

The Searchlight of Truth on the Food Question (Mar, 1922)

“Constipation is the curse of the American People. It is the cause of more fatal diseases than any other preventable ailment.”

For some reason I doubt that.

The Searchlight of Truth on the Food Question

Learn the Secret of Health From Alfred W. McCann’s Wonderful Book


The Most Precious Thing in the World

HEALTH is The Most Precious Thing In The World. Without it nothing else matters No amount of “Dieting” or “Exercise” can bring health to you if you are ignorant of the proper kinds of food to eat.

My Profits Are Mushrooming (May, 1950)

Check out a the slightly more refined process used today. (video)

My Profits Are Mushrooming

A small corner in your basement and a bit of fungus mold are all you need to start a mushroom farm and grow yourself a big-money business.

By Corwin Fred

BACK in 1929 I knew nothing about running a business. I did know, however, that I wanted one of my own, and I realized it had to be some enterprise I could start without much cash—and learn as I went along.

A few months later the profits had really started mushrooming from my own business—growing and selling mushrooms. As a mushroom farmer, I’ve been squeezed into some tight corners—but I’ve squeezed out again.

All the rich, pure goodness is in Campbell’s Tomato Soup! (Oct, 1932)

All the rich, pure goodness is in Campbell’s Tomato Soup!

Just taste it! You’ll realize at once why it is so famous! The vivid brightness, the freshness, the glowing, sunny healthfulness of tlie finest tomatoes are in it. When the first spoonful of Campbell’s Tomato Soup reaches your lips, your appetite instantly responds—eager for more and more of its sparkling deliciousness.

Onions Without Tears (Sep, 1947)

Onions Without Tears

WEEP no more, my lady. That greatest of all tear-jerkers, the onion, is now under control.

Ever since the first bold botanist gave the potent vegetable to the world, the imperious onion has remained unconquered. One jab with a knife and stinging tears would brim the eyes of the strongest man, the most careful housewife. Nothing was done for centuries. Mankind accepted the dictatorship of the onion, kept on peeling, and kept on crying.

20-Second Sirloin (Jun, 1946)

20-Second Sirloin

is this steak, cooked on an airtronics machine, originally designed for the preheating of plastics for molding. It’s a natural for barbecues.

New York Dairies Deliver Milk in Paper Bottles (May, 1929)

New York Dairies Deliver Milk in Paper Bottles
THE OLD familiar milk bottle which greets the householder on the back stoop every morning bids fair to be replaced by a paper container which has several advantages over the glass bottle. In the first place, the new container cannot be shattered and it has no glass edges to be chipped off with consequent danger of foreign particles finding their way into the milk.



Margaret Newman, a well-known New York sculptress, has turned her talents to a new and original field. Using a vegetable garden as a source of color and supply, she has ventured into the field of women’s fashions with amusing mannekins made wholly of fruits and vegetables.

With the help of celery, radishes, grapes, lemons, orange peelings, red and green peppers and carrots, she has created numerous vegetable fashion styles, four of which are shown on this page.

Captain Marvel Troops for America! (Dec, 1941)

Apparently the only thing it takes to turn characterless, shiftless hillbillies into go-getting super soldiers is a proper diet and Jai Alai. Jai Alai, as any Mad Men viewer will tell you, is the sport of the future(video).

Captain Marvel Troops for America!

“Super Shock Troops” For The Army Will Soon Be In Action! Vitamins Are The Magic That Produce Them!

by W. M. Kimball

THE gray-clad ship moved into the quiet evening shadows of the secluded cove near Willapa Bay.

Three boats dropped from the davits. In each of them 20 men sat straight, alert on the thwarts. Purring motors beached the boats silently. The shadows were blackening, but the 60 men leaped ashore sure-footedly, their cat-eyes piercing the gloom. They were assured men—tall, lean, brown, certain of every movement.

An observer might have whistled in awe to look at them—and with good reason. For these were the United States Army’s “super-shock troops” going into action! The Captain Marvels of America!