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INSTEAD of asking for a dozen eggs, housewives will buy them by the package just like breakfast food if the new method of packing shown above becomes popular. Eggs are individually packed in corrugated cardboard jackets and shipped in cartons which keep their contents practically unbreakable.

They Roll Dough Into Dollars (Sep, 1954)

They Roll Dough Into Dollars

Will Golant and Sam Dolinko were just ordinary bakers until they made a $2,000,000 “mistake.”

By H. W. Kellick

WHEN Sam Dolinko hauled 55 pounds of coffee cake, flat as a flapjack, out of the oven one day in 1949, it looked as though a major disaster had overtaken the little neighborhood bakery in Los Angeles run by him and his brother-in-law, William Golant.

He was deeply upset over what had happened to his cake. Golant was furious. Newcomers from Chicago, they were barely eking out a living and the loss of a day’s production was a serious setback.

Best for honeys like you – ever since Mother was a baby, too! (Jun, 1954)

I knew the word pablum (or pabulum), but I didn’t realize the current meaning actually was inspired by this product.

Best for honeys like you – ever since Mother was a baby, too!

Asleep now, but soon his growing appetite will be demanding attention. He craves variety … and gets it from the four different-tasting Pablum cereals … so easy to digest . . . high in nutritional values so important right up through his third year.

I Can Your Catch for Cash (Aug, 1951)

I Can Your Catch for Cash

My game-fish-canning idea is now a big business. Sportsmen say ii answers every fisherman’s prayer.

By Phillip Thurmond as told to Lee Edson

THERE may be fishermen who duck at the sight of a game warden but I’m not one of them. Wardens are my best friends. In fact, I wouldn’t be in my present unusual business if it hadn’t been for the imagination and encouragement of the marine warden of Eureka, California.

Heinz Ketchup Gives plain cooking chef’s touch (Oct, 1932)

Let’s see, it’s 1932, what possible reason could there be for simple, inexpensive dishes to be so popular?

Heinz Ketchup Gives plain cooking chef’s touch

TRY a dash of Heinz Tomato Ketchup on one of those simple, inexpensive dishes so popular right now! You’ll be amazed at the delicious difference it makes —the chef-like touch of extra goodness it always gives. Rich with spicy flavor, color and savor, this famous sauce makes plain foods taste like more!

It sings a song of crispness! (Oct, 1930)

So now we know that Crackle was the oldest of the Krispie children, Snap and Pop had yet to be born in 1930.

It sings a song of crispness!

YOU CAN’T imagine a more tempting cereal! So crisp it actually crackles when you pour on milk or cream.

And how good these nourishing rice bubbles do taste. Crisp with toasted goodness, rich with flavor. Children welcome milk when it comes with Rice Krispies.

Serve this crunchy cereal for your own midday meal. With sliced fruits or honey. Delicious for breakfast, lunch or dinner. And the kiddies’ supper — so easy to digest.

Good to munch right out of the package. Sprinkle into soups. Try in candies, macaroons, in place of nutmeats.

Order Rice Krispies at cafeterias, on dining-cars. At all grocers. In the red-and-green package. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek.

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies

It’s New! It’s Devilish! – Spam Spread (Nov, 1963)

It’s New! It’s Devilish!

It’s SPAM, but it spreads! So full of flavor one 3-oz. can will do all this:

A fresh idea in meat from Hormel

Fruit Ripened by Ethylene Gas (Mar, 1932)

Fruit Ripened by Ethylene Gas

PERISHABLE fruits and vegetables shipped to the cities in an unripened condition may be treated by ethylene gas and ripened in 24 hours.

The artificially-ripened fruit has a natural taste, while the gas is said to have no harmful effects on the eater.

Food Fakers Caught by Simple Kitchen Tests (Mar, 1932)

Food Fakers Caught by Simple Kitchen Tests

LOW prices for commodities stimulate the business of the food faker, permitting him to sell his adulterated and “doctored” foodstuffs at prices lower than the lowest that can possibly be asked for pure articles.

However clever the faker may be, science can catch him and his spurious concoctions by very simple means; means so simple indeed that every householder may take advantage of them to protect the health and well-being of his family.

Turkey Crossed With Chicken to Get Tasty Meat Fowl (Mar, 1932)

Turkey Crossed With Chicken to Get Tasty Meat Fowl

WHAT would you call the strange fowl in the photo at the right—a turken or a chickey? Either would be correct, for The thing is a cross between a turkey and a chicken.

With a view toward providing a new bird for table use, the Rev. Castor Ordonez, head of the department of biology at De Paul University, Chicago, bred a white Austrian Turkey with a Rhode Island Red hen and the turken—or chickey —was what happened.

The meat of the hybrid fowl is tastier than that of either of its parents and it yields two to three times as much edible flesh as a chicken. Father Ordonez is attempting to perpetuate the species.