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“Aprons” Take Shock From Grid Scrimmage (Dec, 1941)

“Aprons” Take Shock From Grid Scrimmage

ANOTHER step away from – the fierce clash of football as it was played in the days of the “flying wedge” is the “scrimmage apron,” invented this fall for use by the elite of present-day college grid stars. In the photo at the right, the Columbia University Lions are shown wearing the new padding device, with Horace Potter shown tackling Paul Governali, the ball carrier. The protectors are designed to be worn only in practice sessions. Their purpose is to eliminate the danger of injury.

Gridiron Safety Gadgets (Nov, 1955)

Gridiron Safety Gadgets

New armor, new training techniques and devices keep a Long Island high school team at full fighting strength.

Plastic face guard, rubber pad minimize injuries to nose, eyes, teeth.

Glen Cove, N. Y., high school players demonstrate stages in buildup of body protection.

Plastic Mask for Gridders (Jul, 1951)

Plastic Mask for Gridders
Football players are protected against facial injury, or the aggravation of old injuries, by a new plastic mask. Use of a transparent material instead of metal to guard the nose permits increased vision. A resilient padding on the inside of the protective mask cushions the player’s face against impact.

Pro Football From Abacus To Computer (Oct, 1968)

Pro Football From Abacus To Computer

By Gene Ward

When it came schedule-making time in the National Football League, Commissioner Bert Bell used to lock himself in a suite of rooms at the Racquet Club in Philadelphia, sharpen a gross of pencils and stop all incoming calls.

He was a gregarious soul, this man who guided the pro game through its growing-pains era and he dreaded the self-imposed seclusion as a skipper of an ocean liner dreads being beached.

“But there is just no other way to do it,” he once told me. “Every owner has his pet ideas as to the schedule he wants his team to play, so the only solution is to do it myself and present it as fait accompli.”