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Furniture Calculator Suspends Person in Mid-Air to Determine Contours (May, 1952)

Furniture Calculator Suspends Person in Mid-Air to Determine Contours

With a simple rig that suspends a person in mid-air, furniture designers can tailor-make a chair to fit the exact body contours of the subject. Rudolph Jegrt, an art instructor in Milwaukee, Wis., invented the contour delineator, which consists of two panels of steel mesh and some steel rods. The mesh panels are mounted two feet apart. A basic chair design is envisioned, and the rods pushed through the mesh to form the contour. The subject then climbs into the “chair” and the rods are shifted to match the subject’s body lines.

TV Floor Chair (Dec, 1950)

TV Floor Chair
Television spectators who like to lounge on the floor in front of the set now can lean comfortably against a padded backrest. The collapsible seat, similar in style to a familiar type of lawn chair, has a long pad which extends out across the floor. The pad not only provides a cushion for the viewer, but also prevents the backrest from scooting across the floor when he leans against it. Adjustable to three positions, the backrest places some viewers low enough so that they don’t interfere with the view of others who are seated on conventional chairs.

Motorized Rocking Chair (Dec, 1955)

I love the fact that it has a gear shift.

Automatic Drive Catches Up with Rockin’ Chair

Feller retired t’other day and got himself a new kind of rockin’ chair. Rocks itself. Rocks him, too. Semms like when this feller, a machinist type, quit to take it easy, some other fellers he’d worked with said, “Well now! How about havin’ a chair that rocks automatic-like?” So they built it out of a one-cylinder gas engine and gears. Works, too. Noisy though. Feller’s name is Frank miller. Other fellers – them as built it- are Bull Nyman, Bob Connely, Joe Wright and Bill Jacobus. Chair rocks itself and Frank in Huntington Station, N.Y.


Of course this is also the perfect tray/table for cutting and snorting coke. In fact, doesn’t that girl on the right look like she’s holding a credit card? No wonder they’re all smiley.

TRIPLE-PURPOSE MIRROR can be used as a wall mirror, below; coffee-table top, at right; or as a serving tray. The hand-holds are recessed. Mirror is 16″ by 26″.