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Fifty Switzerlands Thrown into One (Oct, 1921)

Fifty Switzerlands Thrown into One


IT is easy to imagine old Dame Nature as having been on one glorious spree, millions of years ago, when she threw up the hundreds of silent sentinels of the Canadian Rockies. Any number of remote places in this series of peaks, stretching from the bitter Arctic to the American boundary, not even as yet visited by more than half a dozen explorers, provide ample space to place all of the Swiss Alps—and never notice the difference.

Scientists Find Traces of Two Lost Continents (Apr, 1934)

It seems sort of obvious to us that South America and Africa fit together but I’m guessing that they just couldn’t believe that they could have spread that far apart.

Here is a good animation that shows the history of continental drift.

Scientists Find Traces of Two Lost Continents

DOWN through the ages, man has hung to the words of Plato. For Plato told of a great continent, Atlantis by name, which slipped under the waters of the sea, carrying with it an entire civilization.

Recent discoveries point to the fact that approximately 250,000,000 years ago, South America, Africa, India, Australia and a great portion of the Antarctic region were a single continent. Similar discoveries reveal the existence, until about the same period, of a North Atlantis, a sort of super-continent, which ran from the present western shores of North America to the British Isles, and possibly connected, by a few small peninsulas, with Europe.