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A Tunnel Across the English Channel? (Sep, 1936)

A Tunnel Across the English Channel?

Among the great technical projects of the future, the construction of a tunnel under the English Channel figures as one of the most probable. In fact, it appears so easy that one may even ask why it has not been done. In answer to that question, this inside story will be of interest.

SINGSTAD -The Man From Down Under! (Jun, 1941)

SINGSTAD -The Man From Down Under!

by Richard H. Parke

ONE June night two years ago a fire was raging 85 feet beneath the surface of New York’s East River. The blaze was near the head of the boring of the then partially -completed $58,000,000 Queens Midtown Tunnel. Twenty-eight pounds of air pressure plus double the normal amount of oxygen had whipped the flames into a white heat.

When Rivers Run Wild (May, 1929)

When Rivers Run Wild

by Howard Kegley

California, subject to periodic rainfall and melting of snows in the mountains, has been victimized by rampant rivers in the score of months just past. Told here, the story of the San Gabriel Dam shows the gigantic size of this water impounding monster, and how two rivers will be controlled with one dam.


The actual Chunnel ended up taking 6 years to build, cost around $17 billion and opened in 1994.


DOVER, England, is within gunshot of Calais, France. The German 42-centimeters could drop a shell across the 22 miles of water that intervene. The floor of the Straits of Dover is white chalk, underlaid by a stratum of chalk and clay. Beneath, to a depth of 208 feet, lies a ledge of gray chalk, very solid, of the same general character as that quarried in France for use in making cement. This substance is easy to bore, is self-sustaining, and is practically water-tight.