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Invisible Rays in Blackout Plant Make Dials Glow (Aug, 1941)

It’s odd how dispassionate this article is considering it’s about Germany and WWII is in full swing although it’s four months before the U.S. enters. Once we joined the war you’d expect to read about how the evil Huns are painting their death gauges using glow-in-the-dark unicorn tears that are only produced by eating French babies.

Invisible Rays in Blackout Plant Make Dials Glow

GHOST LIGHTS shine in German power plants during air raids, but there is no stray gleam from the plant windows. To accomplish this, vital gauges, levers, switches, control wheels, stairs, ladders, and walkways within the plants are painted with chemicals which glow only when illuminated with the invisible rays from special lamps.

Glow in the Dark Products (Oct, 1947)

Love to pray, but hate those pesky lights? Be the first on your block with a glow in the dark crucifix!

Glows in the Dark

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Novel Program Can Be Read in Dark Theater (Jun, 1939)

Novel Program Can Be Read in Dark Theater

What good is a program in a darkened theater during a show? No good, decided an English inventor, so he developed a semitransparent program which theater-goers simply hold up so that light from the stage or moving-picture screen is behind it. Outlines of the printed matter on the program thus are silhouetted so that they become readable, regardless of how low the theater lights are turned.