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Build a Basement Golf Course (Jun, 1950)


By Allan Carpenter

POPULARITY of miniature golf has brought the game right into the basement in the form of a knockdown course that can be picked up and stored away almost as easily as you would a game of croquet. It’s an exciting game the whole family can enjoy the year round—from the youngsters on up to the avid golfer who will find it good practice in keeping his putting eye keen. Standard putters and irons are used and scoring is done as in real golf, penalties being counted as strokes. As for space, most basements, especially those with compact heating units, will accommodate the “concentrated” nine-hole course pictured in the illustration above, but, where there’s only a minimum of space, a lot of fun can be had from a much smaller course. As each green is complete in itself and lightweight, the course can be quickly set up. Most of the greens are fairly shallow to permit stacking them in little space when not in use. Where yard area is sufficient to permit an outdoor course, a suggested layout for an 18-hole one is given in the plan view on page 197. Construction of nine additional greens is given to supplement the nine shown above.

Golf Game Is Right Up Bowlers Alley (Apr, 1939)

Golf Game Is Right Up Bowlers Alley
Features of both bowling and golf are combined in a novel indoor game recently introduced in Boston, Mass. Using a regulation golf club, a player hits a golf ball down a small-size bowling alley in an attempt to knock over diminutive pins. Three shots are allowed at each set-up of the pins. In the photograph at the left, a feminine enthusiast is shown about to send her second shot down the alley in an effort to hit the pins.

Fishermen Match Technique With Golfers in “Golf Casting” (Jan, 1936)

Fishermen Match Technique With Golfers in “Golf Casting”
GOLF casting” a game originating on the Pacific coast, has developed a keen spirit of competition among fishermen who pride themselves on the accuracy of their bait casting. The game, played on a regulation golf course, consists of casting a tournament plug down the fairway and into the cup, the number of casts required being scored as in golf. Casting “drives” of 300 feet or more are not unusual when tournament rod and reel are used. So successful are the fishermen at placing their plugs that in many instances a 100-foot cast has landed the plug within a foot of the cup. Scores compare favorably with those made in golf in spite of the greater distance the golfer can drive his ball. Accuracy is the scoring factor for the plug caster.

For Shopping, Golf-And Fun! (May, 1962)

God, are we really this lazy?
Oh wait, yes we are.

For Shopping, Golf-And Fun!

OF COURSE the lady seen above will have to add a windshield, light, horn and a license plate or two if she wants to take her Ramble-Seat on the road. But around the marina, plant, resort or golf course, it’s ready for use as is. This nifty electric is sold by Ramble-Seat, Box 74786, Los Angeles 4. Calif. It comes in a variety of models, some rugged, some for use as powered wheel chairs. Optionals are available to meet state vehicle codes. For maneuverability and versatility it’s hard to beat.—John and Irene Lenk