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Luminous Skeleton For HALLOWEEN (Nov, 1941)

Luminous Skeleton For HALLOWEEN

by Ken Murray

Got any friends you want to lose? Just invite them over to your Halloween party and give ’em the works with this glowing graveyard horror. Right: Gluing parts of the figure carefully to thin plywood.

AN ANIMATED skeleton – that glows brightly in the dark can be used for all kinds of harmless but amusing Halloween pranks. The skeleton is jointed so that a slight shake will cause the arms and legs to swing about in a realistic manner.

THRILLS and CHILLS for Your HALLOWE’EN Party (Nov, 1934)


Make Hallowe’en Whoopee with Mechanical Tricks (Nov, 1932)

These tricks are really dorky but anyone who uses the phrase “nocturnal orgy of nonsensical abandon” is OK in my book.

Make Hallowe’en Whoopee with Mechanical Tricks


A Hallowe’en party might be defined as a nocturnal orgy of nonsensical abandon. In other words, an affair when any goofy trick is in order. If you want to show your guests some real fun perform the stunts described here and then won’t be a single moment of boredom

ON HALLOWE’EN Eve you can stage all the goofy stunts you have been wanting to exploit for a long time. Nothing is too low-brow for the occasion. It is the one time of the whole year, not even excepting New Year’s, when you can forget worldly cares and the weight of adult responsibilities, and have a thoroughly good time.

Halloween Habiliments (Nov, 1939)

Halloween Habiliments


UNIQUE Hallowe’en costumes of the type illustrated can be made at small outlay for material. The three-legged twins, for instance, require a special coat and shoes, but old pajamas will provide the trouser legs. The perambulating dog house is constructed from a large cardboard carton and painted green with a red roof. Brown “coveralls” and a dog mask should be worn by the person inside.

Mediumistic Tricks (Nov, 1935)

Mediumistic Tricks

FOR new Hallowe’en thrills, put on a mediumistic party with turban-bedecked medium, darkened room, spirit writing, tables floating in the air, and all the other tricks which fake spirit mediums use so successfully. The mere suggestion, on your invitations, that all weak-hearted persons should stay at home will insure a crowd.