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Automobile Vanity Case is the Latest Novelty (May, 1929)

Automobile Vanity Case is the Latest Novelty

AUTOMOBILES have become so important a part of daily life that they are now made in the form of vanity cases for women, as pictured in the photo at the left. The automobile vanity case is hinged on the bottom and opens like an ordinary handbag, containing compartments inside for powder puff and various accessories favored by the up-to-date woman. Leather is used in making the handbag. The door of the auto contains a compartment in which small change is kept.

Handbag Holds No Secrets (Nov, 1939)

Handbag Holds No Secrets
A transparent handbag” for women is now becoming a fashionable accessory abroad. Made of a clear, semistiff, transparent plastic material, with decorative stitching at the edges, the bag reveals its contents at all times. The owner can even powder her nose while looking in a mirror that is inside her handbag, as shown in the photograph at the right.