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My dad’s the GREATEST…and so is my new HARLEY-DAVIDSON TOPPER (Apr, 1960)

My dad’s the GREATEST…and so is my new HARLEY-DAVIDSON TOPPER

Like father, like son… happy with the new Topper.

What a ride — gentle as a billowy summer cloud … with dual suspension and large foam rubber saddle. Dependability — plenty of get-up-and-go. Automatic Scoot-away transmission—no shifting or clutching needed.

You’ll always have lots of fun with a HARLEY-DAVIDSON Hydra-Glide (Feb, 1951)

You’ll always have lots of fun with a HARLEY-DAVIDSON Hydra-Glide

Thrills and adventure are all around you, when you ride the exciting, super-smooth Harley-Davidson Hydra-Glide! It’s your all-season ticket to endless good times, on delightful gypsy tours, sightseeing trips, at races, runs, and other motorcycling pleasure-events. Easy to buy on convenient terms, so why not join in the fun? See your dealer today. Mail coupon now.

The New 1951 Harley-Davidson HYDRA-GLIDE (Nov, 1950)

What a Honey!

The New 1951 Harley-Davidson HYDRA-GLIDE

SLEEK, smooth and beautiful. And what a performer. Takes off like a scared rabbit. Snuggles to the road like a clinging vine. Breezes over hills like a bird. Whisks you over rough spots with cloud-like ease … brings you thrill after thrill as you take in exciting race meets, hillclimbs, gypsy tours, sightseeing runs and other exclusive motorcycling fun events. You’ve never really been places and seen things until you’ve ridden this dazzler! Every moment in the saddle is fascinating. Every trip brings new adventures and new companionships. See your dealer today. Mail the coupon now.

POWER that turns mountains into molehills (Aug, 1954)

POWER that turns mountains into molehills

… and miles into minutes!
HERE’S power-riding at its thrilling best. From the moment you swing into the foam-rubber cushioned saddle . . . from the instant you twist the throttle of this breath-taking beauty, you’ll know why the Harley-Davidson 74 OHV is the one motorcycle every rider wants to own. See it! Thrill to a test ride at your dealer’s today. Ask about his easy pay plans. If you now own a motorcycle, get his liberal trade-in deal. For your copy of the action-packed, picture-filled ENTHUSIAST Magazine and illustrated literature, send 10 cents to Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Dept. P, Milwaukee 1, Wisconsin.

Harley Davidson

“Stream-Line” Harley-Davidson (Dec, 1924)

“Follow us, if you can!”

THEY all take your dust when you open the throttle of the new “Stream-Line” Harley-Davidson!

Everywhere, sportsmen are talking about this 1925 model of the world’s greatest motorcycle. Its rakish, stream-line design makes it the classiest mount on the road. It has more speed —more power. It is more comfortable (better springs and bigger tires). Yet the price is reduced!

Treat yourself to the thrill of a trial ride on the new “Stream-Line” Harley-Davidson. Test the speed, power, and vibrationless comfort of this marvelous motorcycle. But look out for “speed cops”—most of them have Harley-Davidsons too!

The Motorcycle

Take a “GYPSY VACATION” with a Harley-Davidson Hydra-Glide (Jun, 1950)

Take a “GYPSY VACATION” with a Harley-Davidson Hydra-Glide

THIS year … go roaming! Swing into the saddle of a super-smooth Harley-Davidson Hydra-Glide and see America the thrilling, fun-packed way! Cruise down scenic back-country roads! Explore little-known wilderness trails! Adventure through out-of-way mountain, desert and lake regions.

Harley Ad: Winter Sports! (Jan, 1924)

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Winter Sports!

SKATING, skiing, tobogganing, ice boating — there’s a thrill in each, but none of these can match the sport of winter motorcycling on a 1924 Harley-Davidson!

Speeding with the snowflakes, over trails or roads, with a pal in the sidecar to share the exhilaration that makes you feel ten years younger!

It’s Always Fun-Time! When You Own a HARLEY-DAVIDSON (Oct, 1947)

It’s Always Fun-Time! When You Own a HARLEY-DAVIDSON

OWNING a Harley-Davidson opens a whole new world of thrills for you! Anytime you get the urge you swing into the saddle and go where there’s fun and excitement ! The whole outdoors is yours to enjoy — you can do more and see more — as you go “adventuring” on evenings, holidays and weekends. And what a continual round of good times awaits you as you join other fun-loving riders on pleasure trips and gypsy tours — or take in race meets, hillclimbs and other thrill-packed events that make motorcycling the world’s greatest sport! See your Harley-Davidson dealer NOW — and mail the coupon today!

Harley Ad: Swifter THAN Skis! (Feb, 1932)

Swifter THAN Skis!

SWIFTLY as ski-riders flash down a snowy slide, a Harley-Davidson is faster—when you open up its marvelous power.

And it is just as thrilling to ride, but easier and safer. Like skis, the motorcycle responds to every whim of the rider—every sway of his body. It is a personal mount — a pal, and a playmate — not just a vehicle. You never tire of riding it.

Motorcycling is the Sport of a Thousand Thrills—and the ideal way to get there-and-back faster and at less expense.

Your nearby Harley-Davidson Dealer wants to show you our 1932 Models — Single and Twins—priced from $195 up, at the factory. Why not see him today — and ask him about his Pay-As-You-Ride Plan that makes buying so easy?

Ride a Harley-Davidson

Harley Ad: Open Season on Fun! (Apr, 1934)

I think it would be awesome if Harley riders started wearing nifty caps and bow ties again.

Open Season on Fun!

Ride a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

It’s outdoor time—and the open season for going places! When you own a 1937 Harley-Davidson you light out for the fun spots any time—evenings, Saturday afternoons, and over week-ends. Distant places are brought nearer—your mount has speed galore. Costs are way down low—the new Harley-Davidsons have many new and unusual motor improvements which cut gas and oil consumption tremendously. No other type of transportation can match these up-to-the-minute motorcycles for economy. And say—if it’s smart styling, class, and riding comfort you want— get aboard one of these 1937 models!
See your nearest Harley-Davidson dealer—PRONTO. Ask him for a FREE RIDE — about his Easy Pay Plans — and send in the coupon.