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Stocking Cap with Goggles Shields Your Face (Dec, 1936)

Stocking Cap with Goggles Shields Your Face
If you must be outside in extremely cold weather, when the face needs protection, a stocking cap fitted with goggles will offer warmth for the entire head. Get a pair of leather-framed goggles and cut down the frame so that they can be sewed in openings made in the front of the cap. When they are not needed, the goggles can be rolled back over your head.
—Opie Read, Jr., Chicago.

Plastic Mask for Gridders (Jul, 1951)

Plastic Mask for Gridders
Football players are protected against facial injury, or the aggravation of old injuries, by a new plastic mask. Use of a transparent material instead of metal to guard the nose permits increased vision. A resilient padding on the inside of the protective mask cushions the player’s face against impact.

Glasses Magnify Eighteen Times (May, 1934)

Glasses Magnify Eighteen Times

NEW microscopic reading glasses, so powerful that they increase the size of ordinary newsprint eighteen times, have been invented by Dr. William Feinbloom of New York. These glasses are three times more powerful than anything of the kind previously known.

Glasses Eliminate Headlight Glare (Feb, 1938)

Glasses Eliminate Headlight Glare

Complete comfort and safety are promised to the night automobile driver who will wear a new type of eyeshade. Colored material above the eyes blocks out the glare of approaching headlights at a distance and as the bright headlights approach, shields at the driver’s left block out the glare from that direction. It is claimed the eye glasses serve to tone down the brightness at the left side of the road and to leave perfectly clear and visible the right side where the driver is traveling.


HELMETS, gas masks, eye shields, respirators, rubber gloves, tough leather bibs. These are indispensable guardians of the eyes, lungs, and hides of many of America’s industrial war workers today. Without them, injuries would sabotage and cripple production of planes and arms for the United Nations’ fighting forces. Commonest of the devices are pictured here.

Bizarre Animal Headgear (Feb, 1947)

Latest Rural Head Lines

Bifocals Blackout Bulls. Farmers know a bull won’t charge when he can’t see. The Masbruch halter above, produced by the Russell Mfg. Co., Platteville, Wis., lets a bull walk and graze, but when he lowers his head to charge, his vision is blocked.

Horse Specs. Now come goggles to protect the eyes of race horses from mud clots and dust kicked up by their running mates. The specs are made by setting two Plexiglas bubbles into a regular set of blinkers. Showing off a pair, above, is Royal Hustle, first thoroughbred to wear them.

Kindly Weaner. Consisting of metal tabs that close over a calf’s mouth when it raises its head to nurse, the Shur-Way weaner, left, prevents injury to the mother cow and breaks the calf of its habit without punishment. Yet in no other way does it curb the calf’s freedom or keep it from feeding.

Hair Mail Special (Feb, 1949)

Hair Mail Special

Baldness beating you down? Don’t lose your head—mail-order a scalp from Max Factor, movie makeup man—and brush your troubles away!

  1. Bashful about that shining pate for years. Milton Jones gets mail kit to order hair.
  2. Following Max Factor’s instruction booklet, Milton x-marks a spot for his new hairline.
  3. Then he stretches a wire across his head to get the natural dimensions for a hairy top.
  4. Not much business for the barber, but Jones still finds hair he can clip for a sample.
  5. Milton’s mail order is put on a properly shaped hair block at Factor’s wig workshop.
  6. The wig dresser combs out the toupee to see that every hair looks like the real thing.
  7. The postman brings the toupee and Milton rushes to a mirror to try on his new hair.
  8. That handsome head of hair puts Milton in “top” shape for big business at his office.
Make Your Own Wooden Diving Goggles (Sep, 1940)

SOUTH-SEA Diving Goggles


These fine goggles were made by a Hawaiian. Experts consider this type more satisfactory for serious diving and continuous use than the ordinary rubber variety

WITH a little care and patience, you can construct diving goggles exactly like those used by the spear fishermen of the South Seas and expert Hawaiian divers.

Night-Driving Glasses Use Wire-Mesh Lenses (Nov, 1940)

Night-Driving Glasses Use Wire-Mesh Lenses
“Blinders” of wire mesh in new spectacles designed for night driving are said to shield the eyes from the glaring headlights of oncoming cars. Mounted in an eyeglass frame, the screening absorbs enough light to prevent retinal fatigue, without interfering with safe vision.

Futuristic Honeymoon Hat (Sep, 1956)

HONEYMOON HAT for Moon use in 2056 has dual antennas so newlyweds can call Earth and tell in-laws to stay home.