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Junior Cadet Space Helmet (Aug, 1962)

Wow, this looks like it’s harder to make than than the street legal kart.

Junior Cadet Space Helmet

As any budding young astronaut will tell you, his most important piece of equipment is a realistic helmet with light, radio, oxygen tanks, and plenty of colorful armor.

WETHER they’re solving re-entry problems on the living room banister or stalking Martians in the orchard, junior spacemen need plenty of imagination-inspiring equipment. So vital a piece as the helmet should be built at home where the astronaut can help and be sure the construction meets space-age requirements.

Sun Visors (Nov, 1934)

And they’re stylish as well.

Sun Visors
LIKE hands cupped under and over the eyes, these visors, made entirely of a synthetic composition, permit vision in natural colors.

Surgical Mask Made From Transparent Material (Jun, 1938)

Surgical Mask Made From Transparent Material
INVENTED by a well known doctor, a new type of surgical mask is constructed from transparent material and, due to its flexible metal frame, can be instantly adjusted to fit the contour of the face. By permitting lip reading, the transparent mask enables doctors and nurses to converse more conveniently during an operation. An opening in the bottom of the mask permits air to circulate.

Smog Helmet (Sep, 1949)

Helmet Helps Smog Study

The lady under this plastic headpiece is getting a dose of smog, made up of smoke and fog. Photoelectric cells attached to glassless goggles record blinks due to eye irritation. She reads a book to produce uniform reactions. The test is part of a study being made by Stanford Research Institute to find out more about the smog that often blots out Los Angeles’ sunshine.

Shatter-Proof Eyeglasses Tested (May, 1936)

Shatter-Proof Eyeglasses Tested

Safety glass for spectacles recently passed a successful test in London, England. Pounded with a hammer, the glass was marked with myriad lines but remained intact. The shatter-proof eyeglasses are said to be especially recommended for atheletes engaged in such strenuous sports as tennis, football and baseball.

Hair Helmet – Literally (Jul, 1964)

Newest fashion for women cyclists

Both of these cyclists are wearing crash helmets – the lady’s a nylon-hair wig on a heavy plaster-composition base. Made by a London hairdresser in a variety of colors and hairdos, the wigs are the rage with women riders. Skintight, they are water-proof and can be worn on any occasion

Speed Mask (Nov, 1968)

Calvin’s mom told him his new retainer made him look very handsome…

Speed mask streamlines swimmer

This prow-shaped mask with built-in snorkel and compass holder was invented by Calvin Gongwer and used by him in a recent 22-mile swim from Catalina Island to San Pedro Calif. He claims that the “speed mask” cuts drag by 35 percent.

“Glamour Bonnet” Provides Vacuum to Aid Complexion (Mar, 1941)

Wow, that sure is glamorous.
Actually, I’m not quite sure how that works. The mask doesn’t look like it’s rigid, so shouldn’t it just shrink-wrap her head?

“Glamour Bonnet” Provides Vacuum to Aid Complexion
Some persons believe a mud pack is the answer to the search for a beautiful complexion, others think massage will do the trick, but Mrs. D. M. Ackerman, of Hollywood, Calif., has decided that reduced air pressure is a good treatment. So she has devised a “glamour bonnet” like a diver’s helmet with which the atmospheric pressure around the beauty seeker’s head can be lowered. The effect is similar to what a person feels who climbs a high mountain or flies high in a plane, and Mrs. Ackerman claims that the reduced pressure stimulates blood circulation and thus aids the complexion to attain its natural beauty. A window has been installed so the customers can read during treatments.