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Death of a traveling salesman (Nov, 1967)

“Your life is shitty and depressing, but use Hertz, we can make it slightly less soul crushingly painful.”

Seriously, who thought “We can help a little” was a good slogan to hang a campaign around? This ad reminds me of some of the ones in the Dudley Moore movie Crazy People. Clips: Trailer, Assorted Ads, Big Sony Pitch. Incidentally, the kid in the ad for “The Freak” in the trailer is my little brother Zack. That picture was originally supposed to be used as the poster for Pet Cemetery, but it was apparently too scary.

Death of a traveling salesman

You’ve just landed in a city that gets only 7 inches of rain a year. All on the day you arrive.

You have a meeting at 659 Washington Street, which is right across from the Civil War Monument, and everybody knows where that is. Except you.