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Hobbyist Wears Thirty Watches (Jun, 1940)

Hobbyist Wears Thirty Watches
Champion watch-watcher of the world is Charles Brown, an English hobbyist who starts out in the morning with as many as thirty timepieces ticking on his person. In addition to conventional pocket and wrist watches, he wears tiny timepieces in the form of cuff links, rings, and Lapel buttons. For years, Brown has collected watches.

Hobbies of Great Surgeons AID IN LIFE-SAVING MARVELS (Nov, 1933)

I think if this kid showed up at my house I would have been a bit frightened of him:

Consider, for example, the start of the famous New York plastic surgeon, Dr. H. Lyons Hunt. When he was six years old, he told me, he used to fill his mother’s shopping bag with knives from the kitchen and make the rounds of the neighbors on his velocipede. At each house, he would ring the doorbell and gravely announce: “Dr. Hunt is ready to operate.”

Of course today, they could just play video games.

Hobbies of Great Surgeons AID IN LIFE-SAVING MARVELS

Workshops, Music, Art, And Sports Keep Nerves Keen and Fingers Nimble

By Frederic Damrau, M.D.

IN A recent series of articles in Popular Science Monthly, I told of the marvels of modern surgery and described some of the miracles of the operating room. Since then, scores of readers have written me, asking for facts about famous surgeons and how they fit themselves for their life-work.

Hunting Miniatures (Sep, 1936)

Hunting Miniatures

24,000 pieces in world’s largest museum of the smallest articles.

ONE of the most remarkable exhibitions of miniatures, which has been collected painstakingly over a period of sixteen years by Mr. Jules Charbeneau, is on exhibition in St. Louis.

The articles come from thirty countries and the collection consists of 24,000 different items.

Meet A Metal Master (Dec, 1950)

Sadly, it doesn’t seem that Mr. Bonson’s work ever became very popular. A quick Google search on his name only comes up with his wife’s 2011 obituary and an endorsement for his 1974 attempt at a seat on the Eugene city council.

Meet A Metal Master

The nation’s top stores sell the copper and brass products of a bearded Oregonian whose salesmen won’t let him shave.


Louis Frank Bonson of Eugene, Oregon, is a kindly man who loves his work, takes a lot of pains with it, and does not care whether he makes a great deal of money. Despite this, he can scarcely keep up with the orders that are flooding him from America’s most distinctive gift shops.

Jewelry from the Scrap Pile (Mar, 1950)

Jewelry from the Scrap Pile

Relying strongly on a fusion type alloy, a Cleveland man turns discarded pieces of metal into fast selling jewelry that is both durable and beautiful.

Photographs by Paul

Considine Don Dilley likes to amuse his friends when they drop in at his home in Shaker Heights, Ohio, by taking them back to his one-man factory in the kitchen, and making them a piece of costume jewelry in three minutes flat.

Keeping up with HOBBY PRODUCTS (Dec, 1950)

Keeping up with HOBBY PRODUCTS

In communicating with companies whose products are described in this department, please mention PROFITABLE HOBBIES.

Christmas Plaques.

Third dimension Christmas greeting plaques made of art plaster are the latest innovation of the Leister Game Co., Toledo, Ohio.

The recent figurine painting fad prompted this firm to introduce this new and unusual type greeting plaque.

Hobby Parade (Dec, 1950)

Hobby Parade

Profitable Hobbies will pay $2 for each article accepted for Hobby Parade. Send material to Hobby Parade Editor, Profitable Hobbies, 24th and Burlington, Kansas City 16, Missouri. No contributions to this department can be returned.

Dolls Delight Grown-ups, Too (Dec, 1950)

When I first looked at the doll on the second page I thought that the basket was actually inside her chest cavity, which at least made the article seem a little grotesque. Alas, it is simply a 10 page article about collecting dolls. Please try to contain your excitement.

Dolls Delight Grown-ups, Too

LUCY CUNNINGHAM Photographs by Jacoby’s Photo Service and I. Cunningham

“Whether you have one doll or a hundred, whether you buy for yourself or for others, no matter how you do it— doll collecting is fun,” says Lucy Cunningham.

Radio Amateurs Get Tower Clubhouse (Oct, 1940)

Radio Amateurs Get Tower Clubhouse

CONVERTED into an up-to-date radio station, an old stone observatory at Manchester, N. H., now serves a threefold purpose. As a public facility of the city, its short-wave outfit has been turned over to amateur radio enthusiasts, who have formed a club to share its use.

Her Cookie Time Is Christmas Time (Dec, 1950)

Her Cookie Time Is Christmas Time

When her fellow townsmen found out about a Milwaukee woman’s Christmas cookies, they swamped her with orders, with no consideration for price.

Photographs by Doris Ann and Joseph J. Krupinski

Mrs. Earl Jacobson of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has proved that Christmas cookie baking is not only easy and lots of fun, but profitable too. To those of us who may spend an entire day struggling with one fancy cookie recipe, Mrs. Jacobson’s record of 325 dozen cookies in three days seems unbelievable.