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Is “ALMOST CLEAN” clean enough for the baby’s bottles? (Mar, 1930)

Is “ALMOST CLEAN” clean enough for the baby’s bottles?

WHEN you wash the baby’s things, scour the bathtub or wash the dishes, you don’t give them just a careless surface cleaning. Then why should you with your rugs and carpets?

Floor coverings can be clean from top to bottom—will be, if you clean them with a Hoover.

All women are equal in this (Oct, 1932)

This is weird ad. Setting aside the blatant sexism, do the writers really think that women sat around green with envy over how many cylinders a rich woman’s car had? Also going unmentioned is the little fact that the rich woman probably had a maid to do the vacuuming.

All women are equal in this

Her car may have twelve more cylinders than yours. Her clothes may be more expensive. Her home may be bigger and its furnishings far more luxurious. But there is one thing, and as far as we know, only one thing in the appointment and equipment of the American home which is the finest that money can buy—yet most economical too. It is the Hoover Electric Cleaner…. Any woman can own it for as little as $4.50 down.

Give Her a Hoover (Dec, 1937)

Nothing says “I love you” more than a vacuum. Well except maybe a festive plunger or toilet brush.

Though, holy crap those are expensive! In 2010 dollars the middle one would cost about $1,200. Nowadays that would get you a Dyson that rides on top of a herd of Roombas.

Give Her a Hoover
and you give her the best

Nearly 700,000 husbands have given the Hoover for Christmas

It’s the all ’round gift for all the year ’round, to make cleaning easier for every woman who owns it.

This Christmas there’s a Hoover Cleaning Ensemble for every house and house wife. It’s the new idea—rug and furniture cleaner in one ensemble. Saves her strength —easier to use —made with magnesium, one-third lighter than aluminum. Saves her time—converts instantly from rug to furniture cleaner.

Now more than ever Give her a Hoover and you give her the best (Dec, 1936)

I agree with the ad, if you give your wife a vacuum cleaner for christmas, you can be sure of getting “Positive Agitation”. And no sex.

Now more than ever Give her a Hoover and you give her the best

Smart cellophane wrappings hide something thrillingly new in helpfulness. Lucky woman! Her husband’s giving her the Hoover One Fifty Cleaning Ensemble… the first basically new cleaner in 10 years. Now she’ll clean everything as she goes … rug-and-furniture cleaner in one ensemble, instantly convertible.


This is rather big-brotherish.


A Guest Editorial
AMERICA can have widespread fingerprint identification only through education concerning its benefits. Here is an agency which can be looked upon by the average citizen as proof of identity and of good standing in a community. It must be looked upon as his protector in case of accident, amnesia, loss of identity or death, through circumstances which make his identification under ordinary means impossible.