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NEW for the HOME (May, 1950)

NEW for the HOME

Swinging Shelf meets you more than half way. Mount it atop your present shelf, pull the handle and it swings down and out to you on its special hinges. Space Saver Industries, Detroit, Mich.

Flush Guide puts silencer on that annoying running toilet. It’s a device which guides the rubber-ball valve to the valve seat and can be installed in ten minutes. Made by Ardmore Products, Ardmore, Pa.

NEW for the HOME (Jan, 1954)

NEW for the HOME

THREE-IN-ONE carriage is adaptable for going to market or carrying baby. Bottom folds up. can be used to carry bags and cases. Made in Germany.

RUB-A-DUB-MIT has built-in washboard of soft but tough Plastisol. Cleans nylons, silk lingerie, other light laundry. Vail Corp.. Paterson. N.J.

Minute Savers for Milady (May, 1930)

Minute Savers for Milady

Many of the messy, time-consuming duties of the household have been completely eliminated by these mechanical time-savers.

Here is an adjustable bridge or floor lamp that has two intensities of light. Just a slight pressure on a button is needed to make the adjustment. With the shade turned up the lamp gives a diffused light for general illumination. Turned down, a localized light is provided.

Inventions Take Drudgery out of Household Tasks (Apr, 1932)

Inventions Take Drudgery out of Household Tasks

Using the new orange juicer shown above, only a few twirls of the handle are necessary to remove all liquid from fruit. When the job is done the cup is removed and the juice poured into the glass, ready for drinking. The mechanism may be cleaned with very little effort, and is operated as demonstrated above.

With this new tie rack, any tie may be removed with utmost convenience, leaving others undisturbed. The rack lies fiat against the door and is lifted with handle.

NEW for the HOME (Nov, 1950)

I like how this Zip-Tie and modern Zip-Ties serve the same purpose in a totally different way.

NEW for the HOME

Safety Outlet, of Bakelite plastic, features rotating caps that automatically cover the sockets when not in use. When plug prongs are inserted, the cap is turned to align cap and socket holes. Bell Electric Co., 1844-50 W. 21 St., Chicago.

Sliding Door Hardware has self-adjusting spring tension built into top rollers, eliminates fitting time, lets you use all the space between ceiling and floor. Wheels are of case-hardened steel, run on ball bearings. Roll-A-Door Corp., N. Y. C.

NEW for the HOME (Aug, 1951)

NEW for the HOME

Low Price Cooler fits in your window, lowers temperature about 15 degrees by water evaporation and air circulation. It is portable, weighing only 35 lbs. Reservoir contains 4-1/2 gal. Twin fans drive air at 1,500 ft. per min. Price installed is about $70. Palmer Mfg. Corp., Phoenix.

New Devices Lighten Work of Housewives (Oct, 1931)

New Devices Lighten Work of Housewives

Science has invaded the home, much to the housewife’s benefit. Here are seven new inventions that greatly reduce the labor of household tasks, leaving more time for leisure.

This compact container holds a pint of auto polish in top, polish cloths in bottom.

Inventions to Lighten Your Household Chores (Jul, 1930)

Inventions to Lighten Your Household Chores

When this electric cooker is placed face downward over a plate of meat, radiant heat cooks it through in ten minutes. In this way, meals can be prepared at the table.

Silk stockings and other fragile clothing not meant for the regular wash go into a separate compartment in this metal hamper. Soiled clothes are all put in at the top but only the heavy articles come out at the bottom.

MAKING HOME TASKS a Pleasure (Jun, 1934)

It’s a scale with legs, weighing itself. How very meta.


Below and Right, a Dust-Proof Ash Receiver for Furnaces and Home Heating Plants; This Metal Container Prevents Dust and Dirt from Escaping and Settling over the Basement; Note How the Door Is Opened by a Foot Pedal, Thus Leaving Both Hands Free to Wield the Shovel.

Combination Cupboard and Dining-Room Table Which Can Be Converted from One to the Other without Moving the Dishes; Simple Locking Devices Hold It Rigid in Either Position.

Household Tasks Simplified With These New Inventions (Mar, 1932)

Household Tasks Simplified With These New Inventions

Now comes the automatic kettle, which boils the water, makes the tea and automatically shuts off the current when tea is ready, thus relieving the housewife of the necessity of tending the pot. The current consumption is comparatively low.

This combination dust pan and broom rack that attaches to the wall proves very practical and handy for housewives. Made of heavy metal, the device will last a lifetime.