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Ten Inventions that Make Housekeeping Easy (May, 1931)

Ten Inventions that Make Housekeeping Easy

One of the leading electrical refrigerator companies has recently developed a rubber ice cube tray in which the water is self leveling. Heretofore the trays used for this purpose have had to be leveled separately.

An electric tie presser for home use is designed to operate from any light socket. The metal form is inserted into the tie, as shown above, and then the device is closed for a few minutes.

Housekeeping Made Easier With These New Devices (Apr, 1933)

Housekeeping Made Easier With These New Devices

Shuttered lamp shade
Shuttered sides and bottom of new lampshade permit adjustment for any degree of light.

Ginger ale Dispenser
Handy dispenser punches hole in bottle cap, utilizing gas pressure to deliver ginger ale. Turning bottle to left starts flow of liquid, turning to right closes the valve tightly again.

Latest Aids for the Housewife (Apr, 1931)

Latest Aids for the Housewife

Cooled by air admitted through grate in bottom, the new window refrigerator cabinet shown above keeps food safe and sanitary.

This new electric permanent waving machine enables housewives to dress their own hair at home.

This handy electric food mixer mashes potatoes, mixes icing and salads, and can be converted into fruit juice extractor.

Above photo shows new baby bottle which clamps on side of crib, chairs, etc., and folds away when not in use.

Dirt, litter, etc., is gathered up with one simple motion with this new brushpan.

Dishwasher Aids Housewife (Jun, 1937)

Dishwasher Aids Housewife
AN ELECTRIC dishwashing machine which uses six quarts of water, cleans all the dishes in the machine in eight minutes. Taking up but little room in kitchen, the mechanism is simple enough to be operated by a child. The dishes are placed in a basket which in turn is placed in the machine.

FIFTEEN TIME-SAVING Household Inventions (Mar, 1935)

FIFTEEN TIME-SAVING Household Inventions

CHILD’S EATING SET. This practically unbreakable outfit will save the family china. The dish is divided into compartments for food, and has a well for the tumbler. A flange on the edge makes it almost impossible to tip it over

INDIVIDUAL PERCOLATOR. Coffee can be percolated right in the cup with this clever device, which has a 220-watt immersion-type heater in the middle of the coffee basket. It may also be used as a heater for water or milk

New Mechanical Aids for Busy Housewives (Feb, 1933)

New Mechanical Aids for Busy Housewives

This new contrivance attaches to a milk bottle and converts it into a convenient little pitcher for the dining table. At right is seen Mr. “Pickadoodle,” who bends down and with his magnetized beak picks up pins or wire clips. His feet are springs.

Here’s the new “Tell-U-How” cocktail mixer which shows you ingredients for your favorite drinks, and measures contents.

Household Aids (Jun, 1930)

A half slice toaster? Couldn’t you just cut a piece of bread in half and use a regular toaster?

Household Aids

Inventions to Save You Time and Work Want only half a slice of toast? This tiny electric toaster is designed to give you exactly that. It uses only 150 watts and is adequate for the tea table or an individual breakfast.

With a foot on the loop in the handle, this pail is held steady while dry or oiled mop is cleared of dust by turning against blades.

New Devices FOR THE BUSY HOMEMAKER (Jul, 1933)


NEW COCONUT SHREDDER. This new fruit juicer, which has a detachable reamer, can be quickly changed into a coconut shredder. It is easily demounted for cleaning

INDIVIDUAL ASHTRAY. The tray, above, is of asbestos and is designed for individual use. When soiled it is thrown away. It can also be used as a coaster for glasses

REST FOR FLATIRON Illustrated in circle is a new flatiron rest that is attached to ironing board so iron slides onto it without the necessity for lifting it. One advantage claimed is that it leaves the board clear for work

Stove Top Oven Among New Housekeeping Ideas (Feb, 1934)

Stove Top Oven Among New Housekeeping Ideas

“What won’t they think of next?” the surprised householder asks as a compressed air toothbrush is added to the month’s discoveries.

An air gun which sprays the teeth with compressed air and carbon dioxide has been introduced in England at South Kensington, where dentists of the right little, tight little isle recently convened. Pressure and chemical action do the work. The action is said to be non-painful and harmless to the teeth.

Handy Aids for Homemakers (Feb, 1933)

Handy Aids for Homemakers

Looking like the heat register of a hot air furnace, the gas heater shown at left and above, is suspended in a metal box beneath the floor. The burner, radiator, and air ducts are in this box and only the grating, through which the heat escapes into the room, is seen

Discarded razor blades, set in an oak handle, which is provided with a guiding flange for cutting along the top of a carton, make a knife with which paper containers are readily opened