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How Pregnancy Tests Work (Mar, 1964)

This is a whole hell of a lot less convenient than “pee on a stick, see if it changes color”. Living in Portland, my first thought was: “But what will the vegan girls do?”. Also, while he is a gynecologist, I’m not really sure I’d trust medical advice from someone who is President of the Metropolitan New York Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

How Pregnancy Tests Work

How doctors decide if a woman is — or is not — pregnant.

by Dr. Leo Wollman, M.D.

The first thing a woman thinks of when her menstrual period is late is: Am I pregnant? Usually there is no way for her to know for certain at this time until her doctor has her take a pregnancy test.

What is a pregnancy test?

Most of them are based on the presence during pregnancy of an increased amount of a substance which stimulates the sex glands— called gonadotropin—in the woman’s blood or urine. The sample is injected in a small animal (usually a rabbit, a mouse, or a frog), and if the animal shows certain changes in its reproductive organs, it means that the woman is pregnant.

Inside A Parking Meter (Nov, 1954)

Inside A Parking Meter
PARKING meters are singing a $$ tune these days as more and more communities resort to this method of eliminating traffic congestion—and filling the city treasury. Each meter has two doors—one for the mechanism, which is opened by the repair company, and the other to the money, this one being opened by the city. Where no parking meters stand sentinel, cars snuggle bumper to bumper, fenders scrape fenders, and the poor pedestrian is compelled to squirm between Cadillacs. •\