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Songbirds for Food (Sep, 1936)

Songbirds for Food

Hundreds of thousands of migratory songbirds are being snared and trapped for use as food in Northern Italy.

BECAUSE of shortage of meat, partly forced through the League of Nations sanctions against Italy, the trapping and shooting of migratory songbirds has been lately revived on the Asiago Plateau in Northern Italy.

A New Way of Keeping the Wolf from the Door (Oct, 1932)

A New Way of Keeping the Wolf from the Door

IN THE drought-stricken section of North Dakota, Ed M. Canfield, of Williston, and his wife, Dorotha, keep the wolf away from the door by dragging him in and making him pay the family’s winter expenses. Canfield is one of the West’s best coyote hunters. But, unlike other hunters, he uses an airplane to track down the coyote, or, to be more correct, his wife flies the plane while Dad Canfield handles the shotgun.

Australians Hunt Sharks with Electricity (May, 1930)

Australians Hunt Sharks with Electricity

THE latest weapon devised to attack the man-eating sharks which are such a dread to surf bathers is an electrical charge. During recent tests held at Gunnamatta Bay, near Sydney, Australia, fishermen succeeded in killing a 10-foot monster with only a six-volt charge. Experiments conducted by the inventor disclose a small voltage is sufficient to kill a large shark whereas a small fish requires nearly 200 volts before being affected.