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As Automatic.. AS JUNE SUNSHINE (Feb, 1931)

I live in Portland, OR. There is nothing automatic about June sunshine here. We apparently average 6 clear days for all of June.


As automatic as sunshine, more automatic than your water supply or your electric light, Bryant Gas Heating is so effortless that you can forget your furnace room for weeks at a time, yet enjoy ample, dependable heat, automatically delivered, automatically controlled.

Light Fixture and Vent Fan in One (Jul, 1931)

Wouldn’t this just spread the hot air from the light bulb around the room? It doesn’t seem like a particularly good way of cooling. Ceiling fans are similar, but they have a much wider fan blade and actually don’t draw from the middle.

Light Fixture and Vent Fan in One

A NEW low priced combination fan and lighting fixture for ceiling mounting, known as “Koolite,” which serves both to light and provide proper ventilation for a room, has recently been placed on the market by manufacturers. Designed for easy installation in homes and offices, the “Koolite” is compact, efficient and ruggedly built.

The semi-direct lighting of the device meets all modern requirements, and its ventilating arrangement provides for thorough, constant circulation of air in rooms of more than average size. The design diffuses the air over a large area after it leaves the blades of the fan.

HOW DOES IT WORK? – Oil Lamp Fan (Nov, 1956)

Stirling cycle fans have quite the following.

EARL CROSS doesn’t know what makes his antique rotary fan work—but why argue with a cooling breeze? In the base of tlie fan is an oil lamp which heats a cylinder containing two pistons. Light the lamp and the blades slowly pick up speed. The fans were part of a shipment made up for a long forgotten African hunting expedition.



Clean, odorless heat for inclosed automobiles is provided by an easily attached valve that makes use of the hot water from the car’s radiator instead of the exhaust gases. This not only keeps the interior of the car at an even temperature, but helps to control the heat of the motor, assuring easier starting and smoother operation. Also, it eliminates noise, carbon, and soot. It is said that the system provides heat within four minutes after the motor is started and keeps it up at any speed.

Quickly Installed Air Cooler for Warm-Weather Driving (Nov, 1940)

Quickly Installed Air Cooler for Warm-Weather Driving
Installed or removed in a few minutes, the new-air cooler shown above fits any make of car. Filtering and purifying the air besides lowering its temperature by evaporating a supply of water, the device operates automatically while the car is in motion. A pair of enterprising operators discovered a way to make a tidy summer profit with a supply of the conditioners. One rented them to west-bound tourists at the Needles, Calif., gate of the Mohave Desert, while his partner collected and re-rented them to east-bound motorists at San Bernardino.

Magic HOUSE Makes Own WEATHER (Oct, 1934)

Nifty but I’ll bet on partly cloudy days the awnings keep opening and closing every time a cloud passes by.


Features at the Century of Progress it is a magic dwelling which literally makes it’s own weather.

The secret of the process lies in a remarkable air-conditioning system which cools the air when it is too warm and heats it when it is too cold, dries it when it is moist and humidifies it when itis too dry, cleans it of pollen, dust and odors and keeps the air conditioned at all times.

Sensitive recorders placed on window sills close the windows if a shower comes up; and awnings are lowered or raised automatically by action of the sun’s rays.

Caption 1: Photo shows house of tomorrow – the air-conditioned dwelling at the Century of Progress. Note position of awnings which are automatically lowered when sun shines upon them and raised when sun sets or disappears behind a bank of clouds.

Caption 2: Circle above – Children may play indoors in comfort on the hottest days in the air-conditioned house. Note aquarium filled with water extracted from air in one hour’s time and glass ball filled with dust in same period. Left above – Button panel regulates heat or cold through air conditioner, left; opens or closes doors and windows and raises or lowers bed to more confortable positions. Right – Demonstrating with an atomizer how windows close and the first hint of rain.

White House HVAC (Jul, 1952)

White House Weathermaker

Comfort of the President and his household will be assured by a new electronic control panel which regulates temperature and humidity in the White House. The complex board monitors the action of 106 thermostats in the modernized executive mansion, which is said to contain the most elaborate year-round air-temperature system ever installed in a residential building. Conditions can be checked from the panel and proper changes made.