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Skim Over The Ice With… A SKATER’S SAIL (Feb, 1959)

Skim Over The Ice With… A SKATER’S SAIL

SKATE sailing might be described as the fastest pedestrian sport in the world except for jaywalking on the Hollywood Freeway. And until something comes along to top its 50 to 60-mile-per-hour maximum speeds, that claim will stand.



YOU skating fans who suffer from cold hands and feet in bitter cold weather, when your sport is best, will perceive instantly the service this sled-stove can do you. It can be transported anywhere, and will be well worth whatever effort you may put into it.

In the sled shown, an ordinary air-tight stove was used, the legs of which were removed. On the inside a three-inch layer of sand is put down for insulation purposes. The stove was then mounted on a bob-sled which measured seven feet long and fifty-eight inches wide. This arrangement permits the stove to be hooked on the back of a car and hauled to any desired point.

Skaters’ pusher: all play, no work (Feb, 1965)

Skaters’ pusher: all play, no work

The rear skater in the quintet at right furnishes locomotion —the others just go along for the ride.

Strapped to his back is a homemade air propeller powered by a lawn-mower motor. The blade of the pusher fan whirls in a protective wire frame.

Introduced on Como Lake, St. Paul, Minn., it can do 30 m.p.h.— without extra riders.