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Is there a gadget you think should be invented? If so, send its description to Inventions Wanted Editor. MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED, 47 West 44th St., N.Y. 36. N.Y. Each one printed will be awarded $5.

HOT TUB is electrically wired to keep porcelain surface comfortably warm, maintain even water temperature for bath. Jack Sobel. New York. N. Y.

SEED TAPE, in roll form, insures even spacing and straight rows for planting. The tape itself dissolves into fertilizer. Roy Scot, Kent, Conn.



NONSKID EGG-BEATER equipped with a suction cup to grip the bottom of the mixing bowl. Philip Kochman. Lawrence. Mass.

FOR HOME PASTRYCOOKS, a spray can for greasing pie pans without greasing fingers. Mrs. James Traucht. Jenera, O.

TELESCOPING TELEPHONE POLES to make the lineman’s work easier and at the same time safer. Peter Kopach, Ramsey, N. J.

I’d like to see them make (Oct, 1946)

I’d like to see them make

Everybody has hit own pot idea of some gadget he would like to see in general use. What is YOURS? Popular Science Monthly will pay five dollars for every such suggestion that its editors decide to publish.

Cartoons by SYD LANDI

Dashboard That Tells All.
Gauges to show the motorist exactly how much air is in the tires, how much oil and water in the engine. Suggested by L. R. Ruegg, Lake Mills, Wis.



PNEUMATIC PADS lor football players, to provide greater protection with less weight. lames Carrol, Alexandria. Va.

RAKE ON WHEELS, easier to handle, might tempt younger members into policing up the grounds. Bing Lee, Salinas, Calif.

LUMINOUS TARGETS and arrows lor Robin Hoods who like to speed a shaft or two at night. Bill Collins, Manitou Beach, Mich.

LONG-HANDLED BRUSHES for painting hard-to-get-at places above, behind and between things. Mary Fields, Dayton, O.

PUSH-BUTTON governor can be set to local speed limits, makes gendarmes very happy. Celine Gausswin, Springwater, N.Y.



ELECTRONIC FOOD ANALYZER chocks ripeness of fruit vegetables, eliminates bad selections. R. Reece. S. Pasadena, Calif.

PLASTIC COVERED bathtub for little monsters who like to splash. Prevents bathroom flooding. Jack Kruse, Unionville. Conn.

METAL SPIKES on rubber tires which would slip over lawnmower’s wheels, aerate lawn while mowing. Michael Fey, New York, N. Y.

PAINT PILL which brush wielder would merely drop into thinner to produce desired hues. Victor Ashford, Garden Grove, Calif.

LUMINOUS SMOKE that sky writers could use to spell out night messages, produce eyecatching ads. F. H. Kraus, San Antonio, Tex.

Is there a gadget you think should be invented? If so, send its description to Inventions Wanted Editor, MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED. 67 West 44 St., N.Y. 36. N.Y. Each one printed will be awarded $5.



NO KNEES-FREEZE with this plug-in car blanket that works on car juice or drive-in outlet. For winter sports car drivers and their victims. Bill Hickey, Stillwater, N.Y.

KNOW MORE ABOUT MPG with this clever fuel gauge that tells you how much gas you have in gallons instead of the usual full-empty gauge. Earl J. Heckel. Galesburg, Ill.

Inventions Wanted! (Aug, 1956)

The dog collar and the signal lights on the truck are certainly out there now. Not too sure about the others.

Inventions Wanted!

TELESCOPING HEELS which could be lowered for tired tootsies or to please a short boy friend. R. F. Hom rich, Clawson. Mich.

SIGNAL LIGHTS on back of big trucks which would tell motorist whether or not it’s safe to pass. Fred Warner. North brook. Ill.

RUBBER-BOTTOMED can wouldn’t slide off or mar fastidious owner’s paint job when polishing car. M. Traficanti, Pittsburgh, Pa.



POINTED ROD in pipe on prow of boat would allow fisherman to anchor craft by stepping on rod. Shurl Churchill. Strasburg. Ohio.

PROJECTION SYSTEM that reproduces on the blackboard notes which teacher writes at her desk. Frank Healey, Carbondale. Pa.

LUNG SAVERS of compressed air (or helium) in cans so that kiddies can easily blow up balloons. Frank Leonard. Louisville. Ky.



SPECIAL COMPARTMENT in medicine chest that locks to prevent little hands getting at harmful drugs. Bob Ewing, Mishawaka. Ind.

LIGHTWEIGHT PLASTIC DOME to fit over bicycle would keep newsboy, papers dry in wet weather. Ronald Hale, Bloomfield, Conn.

GLASS CUTTER with small emery stone on its topside to save Pop time looking for sandpaper. Joseph Orbanski W. Concord. Mass.

FIREPROOF CLOTH, 10×10, enabling home owner to bum refuse on grass, walk, etc., not leave any marks. Andy Staub, Glenview. Ill.

PIVOTING RADIATORS that swing outward so Mom can make short work of cleaning behind them. Mrs. E. Miller, Lansing, Mich.


Now you can molest your secretary without that pesky cord getting in the way.


We have disposable garbage can liners. Why not go the whole hog with disposable paper cans? B. Kentile, Saranac Lake. N. Y.

Why not self-winding spools that would play out only as much telephone cord as you need? Lydie Ascheim, New York, N. Y.